8 Habits that will keep your house clean

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8 Habits that will keep your house clean

In our busy lives who wants to spend a Saturday or Sunday catching up on housework when the sun is shining and you want to spend time with your children.   By breaking cleaning chores down into blocks, it makes it easier to keep your home visitor ready any day of the week.

1 Find a home

The challenge is not picking things up but rather were to put them.  If you designate specific areas for toys, shoes, magazines, books, remotes etc.  it makes it much easier to put them back in the same place.

If you’re not there yet, find out how to clear clutter.

2 Timetable

This will take you back to school.  Make a schedule or follow our easy to use template.  By breaking the chores down into daily tasks, it makes life much easier and you should be able to do each task in 30 minutes.

Some people prefer to do rooms on certain days.  However, this results in only one room looking great and the rest of the house looking somewhat less so.  Rethink your approach to rather for example do the floors, clean the kitchen before going to bed at night.  When coming back from work, wipe down the services.

3 Baby Wipes

These are a secret weapon for quickly wiping down surfaces of a different kind.  Dust really gathers quickly and it shows.  Pull out a sheet of baby wipes to wipe down the bookcase, coffee table etc.  You can do this daily or every second day.

4 Loo Brush

When you use the loo in the bathroom take the opportunity to do a quick clean.  Use the brush with disinfectant to clean the loo bowl. Flush.  Instead of placing the wet brush back in the holder, a happy breeding ground for germs, rather pop it under the rim with the brush balanced over the bowl.  Pour some disinfectant over the brush and leave.  This ensures a double clean for the loo and a clean dry brush.

5 You’re not alone

Rope your family in by providing them with tasks and a treat as an incentive.  Each of the children should be responsible for making their own beds each day and for keeping their rooms tidy.   Discuss what would be a considered a treat by your child for ensuring their room is tidy to your standard.  That’s important as their standard can be somewhat flexible.   If you make a big deal of the treat but at the same time mentioning what the treat is for the link is reinforced thus making it easier for the child to maintain the behaviour.

6 Tools

This may seem like an obvious question but do you have all the tools you need?  For example, do you have two buckets for cleaning and rinsing the floor?  Do you maintain a green home, if you do, ensure you have sufficient the basics like baking soda, white vinegar, soda water and essential oils.

7 Door Mat

You might be wondering what that is for.  The majority of dirt that comes into your home is on your shoes.  By having a door mat at the entrance and if possible, by storing your shoes at the entrance will significantly reduce the dirt from the outside coming into your home.

8 Pets

Regularly bathing of your pets reduces hair molting which attracts dust.  Daily brushing or vacuuming of your floors will cut down on build up and reduce irritants that can lead to hay fever.

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