After holiday Cleaning Tips

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after holiday cleaningThe holidays are fun and very enjoyable and are a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate. It is also a period for a lot of cooking and trying out new recipes. Having many people around means carpet; upholstery and furniture will require cleaning after the festivities. Also the intensive holiday cooking means the burners, cookers and oven will require degreasing.

Firstly you want to organise all the decorations that you would have used in the house. These can be organised as ones that will be reused and ones that have to be disposed. As a handy tip you can use waste baskets to organise the wrapping paper roll, also plastic cups can be used to store ornaments in storage boxes. A lint roller can be used to collect all glitter from floors and furniture. To help sort and organise the ribbon rolls a wooden spoon can be used to hold the rolls inside a box. Once sorting out the decorations has been completed it is time to focus on the heavier cleaning duties.

For stains from spills that remain on the carpet we advise hiring a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service. The best way to avoid having stains on carpets is to clean out the spill as soon as it occurs and not having to wait for the spill to soak into the carpet resulting in a stain. The best way to deal with a spill is by applying vinegar to the spill area and rubbing gently with a soft cloth until the spot is dry.

When cleaning out the fireplace, to avoid ash from spreading around the room, damp tea leaves can be sprayed on the ash to avoid spreading around the room. It is also always advisable to hire an affordable domestic cleaning service to assist with the post-holiday cleaning

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