Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

For the deepest of carpet steam cleaning and truly immaculate results, steam cleaning is the best way to go. Steam Cleaning combines the power of heat and water pressure, steam cleaning works like nothing else to dissolve stains and sticky compounds and deal with carpet tangles, isolating them and breaking them down. Steam cleaning uses heat and water pressure as its primary agents. It’s an efficient and highly effective treatment that doesn’t damage your carpets. The steam carpet cleaning process penetrates the entire carpet, separating its fibers and dislodging dirt and breaking down other residues that would have built up over time.

Steps to follow When steam cleaning carpets

Firstly, remove furniture and other objects off the carpet this gives you a straight cleaning path and makes it easier to see the dirt in high traffic areas. Make sure it is completely free of all loose dust and dirt before you start the deep carpet cleaning treatment. Next, pre-mix the suggested carpet cleaning liquid or powder according to the dilution rate on the container.

Please note: Do not soak or over-saturate the carpet area during carpet cleaning as it can damage the backing to separate from the carpet and prolonged wetness can cause mould to grow.

After applying the pre-spray, allow 10-15 minutes of dwell time. This will help loosen the dirt and soil hidden deep within your carpet and emulsify the grease, oils, soaps, etc. After 10-15 minutes, begin cleaning the area of the room furthest from the doorway and move backwards so you don’t walk on the cleaned carpet.

Don’t rush the carpet cleaning process. Machine need a moment to grab dust, dirt and fur from the base of the fibres,run the machine over the carpet more than once to ensure it is completely clean After extracting approximately half the first room/area, stop the extraction and go to next room/area and pre-spray another 250 sq. ft. This will save you time as the carpet cleaning solution or chemical will dwell on the carpet as you go back to finish extracting the first room/area. Repeat this procedure through entire job – pre-spray one room/area ahead of the one you are extracting. Turn on the air conditioner and fans to dry the carpet faster after steam cleaning.

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