Cleaning up when moving homes

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moving cleaning serviceYou’re getting ready to move and you want to leave your home in perfect shape. Whether you are doing the clean-up yourself, or hiring a service, here’s a step-by-step checklist to make it a smooth and easy operation.

Dates and deadlines

With sales, it can come down to the wire. Establish when the new occupants will be moving in, and you can plan your packing, moving and cleaning time accordingly. If you’d like to use a professional pre and post occupation cleaning service, get quotes – when you’ve chosen a provider, make your booking now.

Get rid of the junk

Packing is an excellent time to lose the clutter. Whether you do it before or while you’re packing, take this chance to get rid of old clothing, rickety appliances, books you won’t read again and items you’ve never unpacked. Sell, donate or let friends and family take items they can use.

Clear the space

Packing can cause temporary chaos, and it’s really difficult to clean up around boxes and wrapping material. Get all of your belongings safely packaged and moved out to give you a clear and open space to clean.

Take it room by room

Start with dusting light fittings or fans; wipe down walls and dust skirting boards, door lintels and mantelpieces. Scrub toilets, basins, showers and baths – and the same goes for floors. Don’t forget to clean appliances or fixtures, such as stoves and microwaves. If a fridge or freezer is part of the home and will be switched off for a time, clean it and remember to leave it open – this prevents mould or odour. Wash windows, and clean out cupboards and cabinets.

Don’t forget the garage or outside storage space

After you’ve packed up tools, gardening implements and stored items, dust the shelves and sweep the area thoroughly. Make sure to remove any pesticides, motor oil, fertilizers or chemicals.

Get everyone involved and it will get done sooner than you think – soon, you’ll be unpacking in your new home!


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