Clearing Clutter

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Clearing Clutter

A home quickly looks nicer and tidier if there is less mess around.   We’ll address key areas that pop up in every home.

1 Laundry

Having different baskets for whites, dark and colours makes life much easier for the family to through their washing into the appropriate basket.

Have an extra basket to store socks that are missing a partner.  At the end of the month you just need to place the two together and back into the drawer.

2 Front Door

Having a drop off zone near the front door will make life much easier.  Hooks clearly identified for each child for their school bag, blazer etc. makes it easy to find each morning and neat.  If you have the space add sports equipment and space for shoes also designated to each person.

3 All White

By investing in all white towels and bed linen you can mix and match and ensure even wear and tear.  When something does wear out it’s easy to find a new replacement of just one towel rather than replacing all four.   An added benefit is that white towels always look spa good.

4 Cookbooks

These are clutter and dust collectors, especially if you have a large collection.  Why not scan or try to see if you can get your favourite recipes online?  If you have a pile of magazines that you’ve been keeping for the recipes, pull out the recipes and store in a plastic folder and recycle the magazine for cutting out for your children or take to the local paper recycling depot.

5 Freezer

Take a realistic look at your freezer.  Do you have things from the previous year or the health soup you made that tasted awful and froze thinking you’ll have it later?  Keep an updated freezer inventory on the fridge with magnets making it easier to keep up to date.

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