5 essential tips for cleaning shared living areas

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5 essential tips for cleaning shared living areas

Whether you move to a new place for study or you already share a space with roommates – take a look at the following advices on how to clean easily and quickly the shared living area.

Tip 1: Organize the cleaning in a schedule or in a checklist, or both. It will be easier for your roommates to keep everything in order and therefore to maintain a fresh and clean outlook of the room. It may be a simple schedule with less than a dozen tasks throughout the year or a big complex schedule with tasks and activities that should take place every day, week, month, etc. Try to update the cleaning checklist at least every season and a great idea is to change the responsibilities between the roommates.

Tip 2: Deep clean the most used spaces like the bathroom and the kitchen area. They are usually the places, which see a higher humidity and there is definitely a higher risk for spreading bacteria, molds, allergens and other microorganisms. Because of that, a thorough sanitizing is a key step for the beginning of the bathroom or the kitchen cleaning. Clean the toilette and the sink, then take care about the objects on the shelves like bottles, bathroom accessories, etc. Remove them temporarily or rearrange them so to ensure a different and cleaner outlook. Leave the floorings as one of the last steps, yet you want to avoid spreading dirt and soiled objects onto the freshly clean floors. A rental scrubber machine is a great opt to get rid of the most soiled areas onto tiled surfaces, as well as darker areas along the grout lines. Then, it`s essential to preserve the clean effect via sealer for grout lines and tiles. Finally, collect the trash in a bag and inspect the entire bathroom once again. Clean the kitchen in the same order – from the sink, the countertop and the most soiled objects, to the floorings, the kitchen equipment and the smallest appliances. A great tip here is to run just ice cubes through the sink disposal, which removes the residues and provides a flawless sharpening effect.

Tip 3: Change the clothes and clean the wardrobes. Change the blankets too, as well as cushions, curtains and all other fabrics that can fit into the laundry machine. Yet you can manually get rid of the hardest stains by using a simple homemade detergent of just hot water, dishwashing detergent and baking soda. According to how much you are mixing, you get a truly strong degreaser for dealing with persistent stains from tomato sauce, coffee spills, etc. Yet this application of the homemade detergent is useful only for spot cleaning.

Tip 4: Deep clean all the floorings in the apartment or in the student flat. From hardwood surfaces to rugs and carpets – a great idea is to call a professional cleaning agency. They have a variety of machines and solutions for every type of flooring and it`s usually the best method for deep cleaning once a year. Or else, a rental carpet cleaning machine might be enough, as well as spot treatment with other homemade detergents and domestic tools.

Tip 5: Leave the windows as the final touches. Clean them from both sides with soft cloths or paper towels and always change the water. A universal detergent for windows and a new squeegee are a good combination to get rid of the dry dirt and stains. Then, polish the windows only with soft paper towels and wax all frame surfaces to restore their original shine and texture. Treat in the same way metal objects like kitchen accessories and leather surfaces like chairs and sofas, while wiping off dust is another important hint to the final touches.

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