Get your office ready for summer

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Get your office ready for summer

Summer is on the way – it’s time to spring-clean and get your works pace customer-ready. During winter, areas like windows and walkways often get neglected, so here are some tips on how to wash away winter.

Clean the carpets

Months of closed windows and damp being tracked in can leave you with musty carpets – get the office carpets deep-cleaned to get rid of any mouldy odours and grime.


It’s easy to ignore the hidden corners, ceilings and light-fittings, but summer will show up all the dust, so clear away the cobwebs.

Deep clean work areas

Give surfaces and work spaces a good wipe-down with disinfectant – and don’t forget the telephones!


Washing windows during rainy winter days seems pointless, but summer shows up all the dirt and smudges. Give your windows, both inside and outside, a thorough clean.

Garden and walk-in

Get rid of old leaves, hose down the walk-ways, and get the plants taken care of. If you want to add some colour, this is the right time to put in new plants or seedlings.

Air conditioning and filters

Spring is allergy season, so get air-filters cleaned and remove all the dander and dust. Also, have the air conditioners checked so that you don’t run into problems when the weather heats up.

If you need help, call around for reputable professional office cleaners to come and give your commercial space a spring-clean. Here’s to a good summer!

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