Infographic: Top Cleaning Tips for Your Home

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There’s an enormous sense of satisfaction to be derived from living in a clean and tidy home, but in order to preserve its supreme cleanliness, you’ll need to carry out certain tasks on a consistent basis. Some cleaning jobs are very simple and will take just a few short minutes; others require more time and effort but would only need to be undertaken every few months.

If your home is in a bit of a mess and you’re not quite sure where or how to start, break down the cleaning into manageable chunks. A good approach is to take it room by room, so you could begin by focusing solely on your living room, for instance. Once that’s done, you can then move on to another room in the home and so forth until the entire house is brilliantly clean.

It helps to have a plan such as this and it helps to be organised. Instead of just throwing yourself head-first into cleaning tasks, take a bit of time to assemble all the items you anticipate using so that you’ll have these together and within instant reach while cleaning. It will save a lot of time in the long run as you won’t keep having to interrupt your cleaning to search the home for an absent container of polish or a microfibre cloth, for example.

Even if you’re operating within tight time constraints, there are quick yet very effective jobs that you can do in the space of 15 minutes. These quick cleans make a substantial difference to the appearance of a room if time is short, but you should certainly go back and clean the room comprehensively once your time is less constrained.

The infographic below from EZ Living Interiors ( contains valuable cleaning tips divided across five rooms within the home, so implementing these pointers on one room at a time will soon have your home positively gleaming! Check out the full infographic below.

Cleaning Tips- Infographic- IE

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