Places to clean before the holidays

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Places to clean before the holidays

We’re all so busy during the year rushing with limited time and juggling a job, looking after the children, keeping fit etc. that to try to get to everything, all the time, is a challenge.   One doesn’t want to spend too much time cleaning each weekend, so the bigger jobs tend to accumulate.


#1 Paper

It seems to mushroom overnight with a steady stream that never seems to stop. Take the time to file them for tax purposes.  Receipts, invoices, legal documentation, medical aid, hospital and doctor invoices etc should be filed in appropriate labelled files.


#2 Curtains

Let’s face it, this is a massive job.  When taking them down do so safely by standing on a step ladder, and not trying to balance on a chair.  You can either decide to send them out for dry cleaning or if they are washable, wash them yourself.   If you do decide to go down the route of washing them, keep in mind how much hanging drying space you may have.  If its limited, you may need to spread this job over a few days.


#3 Photos

This is another big job.  Put aside at least a day, if not two for this.  Taking photos have never been easier than with an iPhone.  Select those you want to print and keep.  Save them onto external hard drives and then delete all the photos off your phone, thus freeing up valuable real estate.  Pop off to get your favourites printed so that you’ve got a tangible reminder of your wonderful memories for that year.


#4 Computer files

No heavy lifting required here, but your mouse will be running a marathon.  Thankfully if you’ve labelled your file names well you might not have to spend too much time on this one.  If you haven’t, this is the time to do so.  Go through each folder to decided what to keep and what can either be moved to external hard drives or onto a Google Drive for later.  Don’t overlook your download folder for this job.  Once you’re satisfied that you’re finished, now is the time to defrag your computer to improve your computers performance.   To do that go to Start – Control Panel – System and Security.  The Admin tools window will appear.  Click on Defragment Your Hard Drive.  The Disk Defrag box appears.  Select the Analyze Disk option.  Once the analysis is complete, select the defrag disk option.  Once complete close the box.  Which reminds me I need to do this myself.


#5 Your car

This is not an obvious one, but you do use if every day.  Get someone to help you with this one to check whether your lights, brake lights and turning signals are working both front and back.   Then check the boot.  Remove anything that should be back at home and at the same time check whether you have all the tools you’ll need for replacing a flat tyre.  Check your spare tyre’s pressure.  Pop around to a tyre refit company and ask them to check the depth of your tyre’s trend.  You might need new tyres without realising it.  Then lastly take your car for a thorough clean, including the seats.  There’s nothing better than getting into a clean car.


#6 Smoke Alarms

Check that the batteries are still working.  If not, replace them.  This could save your life!


Congratulations you’ve made space in your life by reducing clutter and making you and your family safer by checking your tyres and your smoke alarms.


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