5 essential cleaning tips
Essential cleaning tips

Take a look at the following cleaning tips on how to clean a shared living area fast and simple, whether you’re moving to a new place to study or you already do. For personal and practical reasons, it might be difficult at times to stick to the cleaning routine.

However, we think that by following these guidelines, you can maintain the cleanliness of your common space without too much trouble. 


Here are Five Essential Cleaning Tips When Sharing


Tip One: Organise


Organize the cleaning into a schedule, a checklist, or both. It will be easier for your roommates to keep everything in order and, therefore, to maintain a fresh and clean outlook on the room. It may be a simple schedule with less than a dozen tasks throughout the year or an extensive, complex schedule with tasks and activities that should take place every day, week, month, etc. A wonderful suggestion is to switch the duties amongst the roommates and try to refresh the cleaning checklist at least once a season.


Tip Two: Deep Cleaning


The areas that need the deepest cleaning are the kitchen and the bathroom. They frequently experience increased levels of humidity, which increases the likelihood that germs, mould, allergies, and other microbes may spread. Because of this, thoroughly sanitising is a crucial first step in cleaning the kitchen or bathroom.

After cleaning the toilet and sink, focus on the items on the shelves, such as bottles and bathroom supplies. Temporarily removing or rearranging them will provide a different and cleaner appearance. The flooring should be one of the final steps since you don’t want to transfer mud and other messes onto the just-cleaned floors.

The most filthy regions on tiled surfaces, as well as darker areas in the grout lines, can be removed with a rented scrubber machine. The clean appearance must then be maintained by sealing the grout lines and tiles.

Finally, put the garbage in a bag and re-examine the bathroom as a whole. Clean the kitchen in the same order: start with the sink, counter, and dirtiest items, then move on to the floors, kitchen appliances, and smallest appliances. Simply running ice cubes via the sink disposal can sharpen your tools perfectly while removing any residue.


Tip Three: Changing Bedding & Curtains 


Clean the closets and change your clothing. Change all of the materials that can fit in the washing machine, including the pillows, curtains, and blankets. However, with a straightforward homemade detergent prepared from just hot water, dishwashing soap, and baking soda, you can manually remove even the toughest stains.

You can create a really potent degreaser for removing stains from tomato sauce, coffee spills, etc. depending on how much you combine. However, this method of using homemade detergent is only effective for spot cleaning.


Tip Four: Spring Cleaning 


Deep-clean every floor in the apartment or the spare bedroom. Calling a professional cleaning service is a terrific idea for everything from hardwood floors to rugs and carpets. Every type of flooring may be cleaned with a number of tools and solutions, and once a year is often the optimum time to do a deep clean. Otherwise, spot cleaning with various homemade detergents and household items, as well as using a rented carpet cleaning machine, may be sufficient.


Tip Five: Final Touch


Windows should be the last thing you do. Always change the water while cleaning them, and use soft cloths or paper towels to clean both sides. A fresh squeegee and an all-purpose window cleaner work well together to remove the dried dirt and stains.

Furthermore, wax all of the frame surfaces to bring them back to their former lustre and texture. Only use soft paper towels to polish the windows. Treat leather surfaces like chairs and couches and metal things like kitchen accessories the same way. Wiping off the dust is another crucial finishing touch.

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