Absenteeism. Theft. Employment laws. If hiring cleaners on a permanent basis seems familiar to you, consider making hiring a cleaning business part of your New Year’s commitment. Office workers need and deserve to work in a clean atmosphere, and how clean or unclean an office says a lot about the company.

 Labour Laws

Labour workers mean no more concerns. The contractor must be satisfied with that. Your only worry will be if the cleaning crew did a decent job; if not, you may ask the cleaning agency for a different crew. If you plan to employ cleaning personnel in South Africa on your own, you must be aware of the country’s strict labour rules, and it may be best to outsource.

No more worries with contract staff.  The contractor needs to content with that.  The only concern you will have is whether the cleaning staff have done a good job and if they haven’t you can request another cleaning crew from the cleaning service. In South Africa if you will hire cleaning staff in your own capacity you need to be familiar with the cleaning labor laws and it may be advisable to outsource as these are stringent laws.

 Uniforms and Equipment

No need to go through the headache of supplying and maintaining uniforms or cleaning equipment and products.  The benefits of professional cleaning service companies is that this becomes their problem.  An added benefit is that professional cleaning services ensure they maintain up to date equipment and methodologies which customers benefit from.


Professional cleaning companies providing top notch services invest in ensuring their staff have been properly vetted by checking criminal records etc.  Check that this is true when selecting your professional cleaning company. Imperial Cleaning will always ensure that their employees backgrounds are checked and they are also trained before and placements to client sites.

 Attitude of Staff

We all like dealing with friendly staff.  The cleaning company will be no different.  If a cleaner is problematic you just need to notify the cleaning company and they will be replaced.  Easy as that.  No more warnings, tribunals etc. to go through.

Cost Effective

Generally professional office cleaning services costs are slightly cheaper than hiring staff directly but more importantly they take the risks and management issues away from you.  Isn’t that worth it?

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