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When the weather is shining and you want to spend time with your kids, who in today’s busy world wants to spend a Saturday or Sunday catching up on housework? Cleaning tasks may be divided into manageable blocks, making it simpler to maintain your home’s visitor readiness every day of the week.

The eight (8) behaviours listed below will help you maintain the cleanliness of your home. You won’t have to feel obligated to spend your weekend doing chores. Spend time with your family and make prior cleaning preparations.



The difficult part is not picking things up, but rather deciding where to place them. Toys, shoes, magazines, books, remotes, and other items may all have designated spaces, which makes it much simpler to put everything back where it belongs. If you haven’t already, learn how to declutter.


You’ll be brought back to school by this. Create a timetable or use our simple template. You should be able to do each activity in 30 minutes by splitting the activities down into daily tasks, which makes life a lot simpler.

Some individuals like particular days of the week to clean their rooms. The remainder of the home seems a little less spectacular as a result, with the exception of one room. Consider a different strategy for cleaning the kitchen or scrubbing the floors before going to bed at night. Whenever you return from work, clean the offices.

Baby Wipes

These are your secret tools for quickly sanitising various surfaces. The speed at which dust accumulates is obvious. To clean the bookcase, coffee table, and other surfaces, take out a sheet of baby wipes. You may do this every day or every other day.

Loo Brush

When you use the restroom, use the time to quickly clean the area. To clean the toilet bowl, use the disinfectant-infused brush. Flush. Put the wet brush beneath the rim with the brush poised over the bowl rather than putting it back in the holder, which is a perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. After disinfecting the brush, step away. This guarantees thorough cleaning of both the toilet and the dry brush.

You’re not alone

Encourage your family to participate by assigning them jobs and rewarding them with treats. Every youngster should be in charge of tidiness in their rooms and make their own beds every morning. 

Talk about the reward your child would get for keeping their room neat and tidy according to your standards. That’s crucial since their criteria are relatively nebulous. It will be easier for the youngster to retain the behaviour if you make a big deal out of the reward while also explaining what the treat is for.


It can seem apparent, but do you have all the necessary tools? Do you, for instance, have two buckets to wash and rinse the floor? If you do, make sure you have plenty of the essentials, including baking soda, white vinegar, soda water, and essential oils.

Door Mat

You might be curious as to its purpose. Your shoes are the main source of the filth that enters your house. It will be much easier to keep your home clean if you have a doormat at the entry and if at all feasible, store your shoes there.


Your dog’s hair moulting, which attracts dust, is reduced by routine washing. You may prevent buildup and the allergens that might cause hay fever by regularly brushing or cleaning your floors. Your home will benefit from reduced dust as a result of this. You won’t need to regularly perform labour-intensive cleaning.

Cleaning your home requires labour, but it’s not always as much as you would imagine. Developing a few routines that you follow frequently will help you keep your home tidy. Your house will continue to be cleaner as long as you repeat the procedures more frequently. Contact Imperial Cleaning today to consult on how to keep your house clean. 

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