The holidays are a time to gather with friends and family to celebrate and they are pleasant and highly pleasurable. It’s also a time when people cook a lot and experiment with new dishes. With so many people present, cleaning the carpet, upholstery, kitchen, and furniture after the event is inevitable. The oven, cooktop, and burners will also need to be degreased due to the extensive holiday cooking. Here is our cleaning tips!

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Here are four tips on how you can improve and get prepared for after-holiday cleaning

Organise the space 

All the decorations you would have used inside the house should be organised. These can be divided into those that will be reused and those that must be thrown away. As a helpful hint, you may organise the wrapping paper into used waste baskets. You can also use plastic cups to keep decorations in storage boxes.

Use a lint roller to remove all glitter from floors and furniture. A wooden spoon may be used to keep the ribbon rolls within a box as you sort and organise them. Once the decorations have been organised, it’s time to concentrate on the more difficult cleaning tasks.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner 

We suggest calling a reputable carpet and upholstery cleaning service to remove spill-related stains on the carpet. Cleaning up spills as soon as they happen rather than waiting for them to sink into the carpet and cause a stain is the easiest way to approach preventing stains on carpets. Applying vinegar to the spill location and gently wiping it with a soft cloth until the area is dry is the best technique to handle a spill.

When clearing out the fireplace, moist tea leaves can be sprinkled on the ash to prevent it from spreading throughout the space. Additionally, it is usually preferable to use a low-cost home cleaning agency to help with the cleanup after a holiday.

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Attend the bathroom

Although cleaning is a laborious task, there are several significant advantages to keeping your surroundings clean and organised, especially your bathroom. When you flush the toilet, water droplets may be released into the air and land on a variety of different objects. A dirty bathroom is a serious health threat since the increased moisture and humidity inside may encourage the growth of germs and mould.

Your bathrooms definitely need to be cleaned as well if you had visitors over the holidays. At Imperial Cleaning, we are convinced that there is a cleaning solution for floors, tile, countertops, sinks, and more! Find out everything about cleaning your bathroom with us right away!

Never forget the fridge 

Your refrigerator definitely needs a good cleaning after a previous couple of weeks of preparing, baking, and keeping leftovers. Start by getting rid of anything outdated or empty. After that, remove the leftover food so you may clean the fridge’s interior. Clean the bins, drawers, and shelves with a fresh clean cloth. Replace the food in an orderly manner once everything has been cleaned. Much improved!

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Are you looking for a cleaning service to clean your space after a holiday or looking for cleaning tips? Contact us today for the best cleaning services in town. We will be there to assist and get your house in order. 

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