Most of us can’t imagine our lives without air-conditioners, both at home and at work. They cool the rooms down during scorching days and warm up the place when it’s freezing outside. Because they are simple to operate, many people simply believe that once installed, air-conditioners will work perfectly well forever. We deliver the best air conditioning cleaning services. 

That is regrettably not the case. An air conditioner needs routine maintenance to continue offering dependable service for many years, just like any other device. Although it is preferable to leave this task to the professionals, every homeowner should be aware of what has to be done since some tasks may be completed without the help of a professional.

Let’s take a look at the most important things that need to be done as part of the annual maintenance process. Learn more about our air condition cleaning & maintenance services. 

Replacing the filter

There’s no universal answer to the question “How often should I replace my filter?”, because it depends on many factors, such as the number of working hours, the type of work, the state of the A/C unit, etc. 


People tend to replace the filters in their central air systems every few months, but in case they haven’t done that in a while, the annual maintenance time is when they really have to do it. How do you implement air conditioning cleaning? Writing down the date of the last filter replacement and setting a reminder for the next one is a very smart thing to do since this chore won’t slip your mind then.

Cleaning the vents

You should always take advantage of the chance to clean your vents when you have a normal yearly inspection of the system because this is something that should under no circumstances be done only once a year. You may want to leave the intricate ventilation system to the experts if there is one. If not, get dirty and thoroughly clean your air ducts and vents to ensure optimal operation of your air conditioner.

Unblocking the system

It happens quite often that various things end up in your outdoor unit, which draws air into the system. Filth, dust, leaves and similar objects build up easily and make it impossible for your A/C unit to work properly. Also, if you used your A/C closet to store some garden furniture or similar items that you currently don’t need, now is the time to remove them, so that you keep the system unobstructed.

Checking Freon levels

Ideally, the Freon in your A/C system should never need to be replaced, since the air-conditioner doesn’t consume Freon coolant. However, even the tiniest of leaks, which often appear in older models, or any other kind of abnormality, requires professional attention because it is important to detect problems early on, before they escalate into expensive repairs.


General inspections

Since modern HVAC systems are much more sophisticated than older ones, they require more detailed attention. For example, the electrical controls and coils need to be inspected regularly, which is probably something most of us can’t do without professional help. Also, calibrating the thermostat is another action that should be done during the annual maintenance.

Like in so many aspects of life, prevention is much cheaper and less painful than treatment or replacement when it comes to your HVAC system, too. Routine servicing and maintenance are vital for extending the life span of these systems, which is why you should make sure that you have experts perform such tasks regularly. 

For example, these air conditioning pros operating in Chatswood have a proven record of accomplishment, making sure that all projects are done with the utmost expertise using quality tools and materials while offering their clients full support and accessibility.

Changing Parts

Make sure to choose the highest quality replacement parts if you need to repair a certain component since parts that seem suspiciously inexpensive are not likely to last long. Similar to that, you should only entrust qualified specialists with the installation and maintenance of your HVAC system since only then can you count on it to work correctly and last a long enough time to be worth the investment.

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