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Going green is not only a commitment to the environment but also to your health and that of your family.  It’s been scientifically proven that green cleaning products can reduce issues like skin rashes, allergies, eye irritation, respiratory problems, etc. The products themselves have been developed to be effective as well as gentle on the environment. We bring you everything about green cleaning.

Green cleaning supplies are made from natural ingredients, are non-toxic, and biodegrade quickly, minimising any negative effects on the environment. Here are the five benefits of green cleaning.


Healthier Home

Green cleaning reduces the number of chemical cleaners necessary to clean as well as chemical consumption. It’s good for your pocket and your home. There’s no need to lock them up as they are not poisonous. However, do practice caution with busy toddlers who get their hands into and onto everything. Because there are no harmful chemicals, no gloves are required. Another saving.  Gosh, they really are racking up quickly.

Cleaner Environment

Firstly, the packaging is usually recycled plastic. This can be achieved by having labelled bins as this will help you to distinguish between waste and recyclables. You can recycle plastics, bottles, and cans. Secondly, using harmful chemicals harms you and the environment. Going green also helps reduce the environmental impact of the production of harmful chemicals.

Negative impact of anti-bacterial

The American FDA has proven that there is no benefit to selecting antibacterial options over regular ones. However, the American Medical Association has noted that the use of antibacterial options can create bacterial resistance, thereby reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics over a period of time.

Adding Up

Going green together with other energy-saving actions like reducing your electricity and water usage and using LED light bulbs do make an impact on your bills and on the environment eventually.

Better Informed

Even though the list of ingredients is on the label, there is no indication other than the order of the ingredients to indicate the percentage used in the product. Knowing what you are using and ingesting, yes, we are ingesting these products be it through the fumes being breathed in, or preparing food on a counter wiped down using the chemicals. Knowledge is paramount to good health.

Reexamining what we purchase and use in our homes can positively impact our health.  If you’re not sure, why not investigate making your own cleaning products? At least you’ll know exactly what goes into them and that they won’t negatively impact the environment or you and your family.

Are you ready for a clean, healthy home? Contact us today for a cost-efficient green cleaning service for your home. 

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