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Are you worried about your house? Is it organised? It’s time to come up with some ideas for organising your home for the next fall season. Maybe you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the clutter building up in your workplace. 

Or, the personal care items that are clogging up your bathroom cupboards. In either case, it’s time to thoroughly clean your house so you’ll be ready to spend more time inside. A home quickly looks nicer and tidier if there is less mess around. We’ll address key areas that pop up in every home and the importance of clearing clutter. 


Having different baskets for whites, darks, and colours makes life much easier for the family to put their washing into the appropriate basket. Have an extra basket to store socks that are missing a partner. At the end of the month, you just need to place the two together and back into the drawer.

Front Door

Having a drop-off zone near the front door will make life much easier. Hooks clearly identified for each child for their school bag, blazer, etc. make it easy to find each morning and neat. If you have the space, add sports equipment and space for shoes, also designated for each person.

All White

By investing in all white towels and bed linen, you can mix and match and ensure even wear and tear. When something does wear out, it’s easy to find a new replacement for just one towel rather than replacing all four. An added benefit is that white towels always look spa good.


These are clutter and dust collectors, especially if you have a large collection. Why not scan or try to see if you can get your favourite recipes online? If you have a pile of magazines that you’ve been keeping for the recipes, pull out the recipes and store them in a plastic folder. Recycle the magazine by cutting it out for your children or taking it to the local paper recycling depot.


Take a realistic look at your freezer. Do you have things from the previous year or the health soup you made that tasted awful and froze thinking you’ll have it later?  Keep an updated freezer inventory on the fridge with magnets, making it easier to keep up to date

Give your fridge a thorough cleaning to make room for the fall harvest. When clearing clutter, discard any expired condiments, clean up your drawers, and check your produce for any wilting or decaying items. To store containers or other small goods, you may also spend money on plastic kitchen organisers.


The same as the food in your cupboard, skincare products, lotions, and makeup all have expiration dates. Additionally, it’s a good idea to go through your items once a year and discard anything that is no longer in use or taking up room. Consider installing additional shelves or storage if you’re having problems keeping everything organised.

Fill your washroom with affordable packaged goods. Without paying membership dues or making a trip to a wholesale retailer, buy toilet paper in quantity. The most affordable rates for bulk deliveries are provided by Boxed. Try Boxed for convenience if your calendar is usually busy!

Clearing gutter

Are you unsure about how to get your house organised and the processing of clearing clutter? Contact us today to get the best out of our cleaners and to arrange your house. 

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