Cape Town’s summer is coming, if not already here. It seems like the year has gone by and that each month is getting shorter. And this year, the heat is really getting to us. So, has your office made preparations for office cleaning in summer? Some individuals believe that the only thing a workplace needs is air conditioning.

Office cleaning in summer

However, keeping your office tidy will play a big factor in how cozy it feels in the summer and a simple presentation to your clients. Learn now how to get your office ready for the summer. We have the best advice to help you work peacefully throughout the day.

Summer is on the way – it’s time to spring-clean and get your workspace customer-ready. During winter, areas like windows and walkways often get neglected, so here are some tips on how to wash away winter.

Clean the carpets

By nature, carpets in your office tend to accumulate more dust. Get the workplace carpets thoroughly cleaned to remove any moldy odors and filth. Months of closed windows and tracked-in wet can leave you with musty carpets. The benefits of vacuuming your carpets include improved air quality, cleanliness, and sinus-friendly properties.


Although it is simple to overlook the hidden corners, ceilings, and light fixtures, the summer will bring all the dust to light, so clean the cobwebs. Corner locations are often neglected, which leads to the buildup of dust and filth. Cleaning your blind spots to prevent dust buildup is the best approach to prevent this.

Deep clean work areas

To get your office ready for summer, hiring a commercial cleaning service such as Imperial Cleaning is an excellent option. All during each day and week, a lot of dust accumulates. Long-term dust accumulation can be a headache and have an impact on the workplace. Moreover, mess. Another subject that involves cleaning is clutter. 

The office will feel hotter the more congested it is. Why? In the office, you can see how objects accumulate heat. Therefore, be sure to get everything prepared before the upcoming season, and you’ll do fantastic! Give surfaces and work spaces a good wipe-down with disinfectant – and don’t forget the telephones!


Even though it might not seem like a top priority, you should clean your windows at least three times a year. Clean windows are essential for so many other areas of your office, including the capacity to save money and let light and heat through. While cleaning windows on dreary winter days may seem futile, summer makes all the dust and smudges visible. Give your windows a thorough cleaning on the inside and outside.

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Garden and walk-in 

The office is completely transformed by plants. You’ll feel more energized if each employee brings a little plant into the workplace. Additionally, plants positively impact a person’s performance. And keep in mind that content workers produce superior work. Remove old leaves, hose off the walkways, and take care of the plants. Now is the time to grow new plants or seedlings if you wish to add some color.

Air Conditioning Filter

Although frequently disregarded, air conditioner filters play a crucial role in preventing dust, dirt, and other particles from entering the indoor air we breathe. Cleaning them regularly throughout the year is essential for the benefit of your health—and your wallet—because they clog up with all of that aforementioned filth as they enhance the quality of the air in your office during the summer.

Office cleaning in summer

If you need help, call around for reputable professional office cleaners to come and give your commercial space a spring clean. Here’s to a good summer! We are here to help and keep your office space alive! 

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