Carpeting a commercial space doesn’t come cheap, so keeping office carpets in good shape is a wise investment and will always ensure you have a clean work environment. How often should you have them cleaned?

The general rule is every 6 months, and here’s why

  1. Regular cleaning removes the hidden dirt and debris that can erode your carpet. While vacuuming cleans the surface, carpeting in a high traffic area will get a lot of dirt trodden into the pile. Getting rid of this debris extends the life of your carpet.
  2. Cleaning lifts the pile and prevents fibres from being crushed and becoming matted.
  3. Regular attention from professional cleaners gets rid of odours, chemicals and allergens – this is good for the health of everyone using the office.

Some facilities need their carpets cleaned more often, usually every three months. Here are some examples of offices and work spaces that need more regular care.

  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Day-care facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Retail stores

A tip to keep carpets fresh between cleanings

Put down protective floor mats around high-traffic locations and where food is prepared or eaten, like water coolers, break rooms, doorways and lifts.

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