One of the most important things is to spread out the tasks between the family members and your helpers. The stronger family members should take care about the heavy objects like these in the garden. Whether there is a need of some repairs or just a quick cleaning is enough. The largest and heaviest carpets or rugs should be handled by your strongest helpers, because some carpets can weigh as much as a person, especially when soaked up in water for deep cleaning.

Another important step is to inspect the entire house for the condition of every piece of furniture and in every corner. Thus, you can get a better visual understanding of the staining of the objects – where are located the dirtiest ones and how many of them will need deep cleaning. That’s the best way to determine with which objects you can handle by yourself and which ones require professional cleaning. The easiest and fastest way for such an inspection is to make a simple checklist with columns according to the name of each room and then with another adjacent column where to mention the condition of each item.

Make a variety of homemade detergents, which will help you to achieve some flawless results like the professional cleaners. A simple detergent of hot water, baking soda, white vinegar and shampoo can dissolve and remove stained spots even from carpets with long fibers. An even more simple solution of just water and white vinegar can make the windows as beautiful and shiny as new ones. Or else, let’s take some of the most soiled objects during the kitchen cleaning – the oven, the stove or the fridge racks can be treated via homemade paste of water, dishwashing detergent and rubbing alcohol. A great hint is to mix your own cleaning detergents right before application, but let them soak up for at least a dozen minutes after application.

Organize the tasks on a time saving basis. For example, put the rug or carpet cleaning high on the agenda. If doing so, you will have plenty of time for dealing with all other dirty objects and stains in the house while meanwhile waiting for the carpets to dry naturally outdoors. Next, put the textile upholstered furnishings in the organization. Some truly persistent spots may require to soak them in a detergent and to let them overnight for a greater dissolving and degreasing effect. What better way to take care about the tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen appliances in the meantime!

Choose a day for the domestic cleaning according to your free time, but another great advice is to take the right pick. The right day usually is a cloudy day in the summertime with no winds and a powerful direct sunlight. It`s just the perfect time for windows cleaning without the chance to appear long streaks or dry traces from the squeegee due to the fast evaporation under a direct sunlight. On the other hand, a warm day with no winds is the perfect day to let the doors and the windows open so to reduce the humidity in the house, as well as eliminate the volatile chemical compounds.

Take into account the most difficult areas and objects to clean. They are the heaviest stained objects and they may include tiled floor coverings in the bathroom or in the kitchen, as well as hardwood floorings in the living room or big Oriental rugs with delicate natural fibers. Call the professional cleaners for these yet overwhelming cleaning tasks, and it is recommended to find the right agency at least a couple of days in advance

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