Preparing your meeting room for important clients

cleaning meeting room for clients

Do prospective and current clients regularly pop into your office for an important meeting? If so, there are a number of steps you should take before the meeting to ensure the best possible outcome, whatever the nature of that business assembly. Preparing for an office meeting takes a lot more than dressing to the nines or reading up about the person or company you’re meeting with. You have to make a great first impression appearance-wise, meaning that the room must be spotless. Taking the time to give the meeting room a good deep clean in advance or a routine sweep can help you close a sale or secure a contract – because sometimes the condition of environment is conducive to decision making. Here’s your ultimate guide on how to prepare your meeting room — so that you’ll walk in confident when your clients arrive.

Maintain a vacuuming schedule

Carpets can collect dirt quite quickly as they trap little pieces of food residue, dust, dandruff, hair, soil and many other microscopic particles. Often, they are invisible to the eye but can manifest in other ways. When these substances mount up over a period, they can generate unpleasant smells, affect those who are sensitive to allergens, and increase wear and tear on your carpet. To avoid this, keep your carpets looking clean and smelling fresh with a weekly vacuum routine.

Dust all surfaces

Dust not only builds up on your carpet but on the blinds, windowsills, the conferencing table, office plants, fixtures, vents, electronics, and upholstery. Use an all-purpose cleaning solution and a wet microfiber cloth to remove particles from reachable areas and an extendable duster to swipe dust from hard to reach places. You don’t want anybody sneezing throughout the meeting.

Make the air smell good

Aside from dirty surfaces and the kitchen trash, food can be a big source of funky odors in the office and this can affect the air quality in the meeting room as well. into the smell of fish someone had earlier that day.  The last thing you’d want to happen is your guest walking into a room where the smell of fish someone ate earlier that day lingers.

Be sure to keep the windows open before your clients arrive. It helps to keep indoor plants in the room as they are known to naturally ventilate the air (just be sure to keep watering them!). Products such as plug-in air fresheners and aroma diffusers are also handy.   

Make sure all glassware and crockery are properly cleaned

You’re probably going to serve refreshments during the meeting – whether its snacks and coffee or just water. Whichever you choose, check that all glasses, cups, plates, jugs are free from spots, grease, and stains. The day before the meeting, set aside the tableware that you’ll be using, and give them a fresh soak and rub for sparkling clean results.

An impeccable meeting room, and office by extension, can be an opportunity to win over a potential client. In many cases, landing a deal or contract comes down to how comfortable your guests felt during the meeting, and a clean environment can give you a distinct edge in this regard. To prepare for that important meeting, use these pointers. Or call upon our professional cleaning services instead and let us do the job for you so you can focus on what’s really important.  From normal simple everyday cleaning tasks to deep cleaning services, we have the experience and equipment to keep your workspace fresh and spotless.

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