If you’re looking for a steam cleaner to combat dirt and grease from the floor and other areas at your home, you’ve probably realised by now that the choice is overwhelming, both in terms of the number of different models and the range of product.

So, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? First of all, you need to know that, broadly speaking, there are three main types: steam mop, handheld and cylinder steam cleaners. Of course, there are two-in-one cleaners that combine a floor mop and a handheld steam cleaner, and you can choose one of those. Still, before making your choice, let’s look at some of the options available and their advantages and disadvantages.

Steam mop

These look like traditional mops, but also feature a water tank attached to the handle. Their main advantage over a traditional mop is that they require less physical effort on behalf of the operator and you don’t have to tow a bucket of water with you. Naturally, this advantage only counts if the quality of cleaning is at least on a par with the traditional method. Unfortunately, there are steam mops, usually the cheapest ones, that don’t rise to the challenge. What we recommend is to have a look at different steam cleaner reviews in order to find out what other people think about particular models.

Handheld steam cleaner

They are the smallest type, perfect if you don’t have to clean any surface larger than kitchen counters and bathroom tiles. The number of accessories they come with makes it possible to reach even the most difficult spots, thus helping you keep your home clean.

If you plan to use a steam cleaner for cleaning floors as well, you definitely need to forget about this option, since handheld cleaners don’t have enough capacity to deal with larger areas.

Two-in-one options

This increasingly popular combination of a steam mop and a handheld cleaner is very practical when it comes to performing various cleaning jobs at home. Its versatility and flexibility make it a very popular choice among those looking for a steam cleaner for their homes.

Naturally, they too have some disadvantages. To begin with, they’re heavier and, thus, more difficult to manage. Also, there are so many parts and accessories that you can easily misplace some of them or it can be difficult to assemble. Finally, they are usually somewhat more expensive than regular steam mops.

Cylinder steam cleaner

Cylinder steam cleaners are the best option for heavy-duty tasks. They take longer to heat the water, but also provide longer steaming times. Their weight makes them a less popular choice when mobility is concerned, but their bodies, hoses, tubes and nozzles guarantee high-quality performance on a wide range of surfaces.

Price ranges

Depending on your budget and the type of a steam cleaner you’re after, you can get one for just above R1500 (a handheld one, of course), but the rule is that the more you spend, the better option you’re likely to get. Before looking at the price, make sure you know what type of cleaner you need and don’t worry – you’ll find one in your price range.


Since you’ll be using your cleaner to clean various surfaces, there are different accessories that should help you. The most common accessories include a squeegee for glass, a brush for tiles and a glider for refreshing your carpets.

What else to look for?

Again, depending on your needs, you’ll be interested in different sizes of the water tank or you’ll prefer a shorter heating time. You may place focus on mobility and choose the most lightweight model out there, or you may go for a bigger, heavier model if you expect to use it extensively.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, since only in that case can you expect your steam cleaner to last long enough to consider it a smart investment.

We always use the best and most reputable commercial steam cleaner brands for our steam cleaning services.

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