We all tend to panic when we spill some wine or tomato sauce on the carpets and rugs we love. Getting a carpet cleaning product and carefully reading the instruction are almost always the right things to do in a situation like this. However, many people tend to come up with their own ways of cleaning their carpets and rugs. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. Here are a couple of mistakes many people make while cleaning their carpets and rugs. Make sure you avoid them if you want to keep your floor covering absolutely clean.

Not Acting Quickly Enough

It is no secret that any spills can sink into carpets and rugs quite quickly. If you don’t act fast enough on it, the spill can easily dry and set. This means you will end up with a stain on your floor covering. Things can get even worse if the spill is acidic. In that case, the spill can eat away fibers of your carpet or rug. In order to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, take a carpet cleaning product and scrub the spill away as soon as possible.

Choosing a Wrong Cleaning Product

What’s great about today’s market is that there are so many products we can opt for. This is also the case with carpet cleaning products. Still, with so many options available, you can easily choose a product that is not suitable for your carpets and rugs. This happens because some products are harsher than the others, and if used on soft materials, they can actually ruin them. If you don’t want this to happen to you, make sure you always read the label before you buy a carpet cleaning product.

Using a Deodorizing Powder in a Wrong Way

What many people seem to do is try to use a deodorizing powder in order to remove stains. Still, these are not able to get rid of stains or remove dirt from your floor covering. These are designed to be used after you are done removing the stain with a suitable carpet cleaning product. Of course, using them is always a good idea, since they can help you get rid of the odors that can still stay there even once you have removed the stain.

Opting for a Low-Quality Carpet or Rug

If you have bought a new floor covering but it started to look damaged and faded after only few cleanings, chances are the carpet or rug you have bought is not of high quality. For this reason, you should always be careful when buying a new carpet. Especially because carpets should last for ages and tend to be quite expensive. This is even more important when buying a rug, since even low-quality ones can still look great. That’s why it’s very important that you turn to well-known companies that offers quality, durable rugs.

Not Hiring Professionals

No matter if you managed to deal with some small spills yourself, if there are any huge stains on your carpet or rug, it’s always recommended that you turn to carpet cleaning professionals. Carpet cleaning is more affordable than it seems and it can do wonders for absolutely any floor covering. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to take your carpets and rugs to professional carpet cleaners from time to time. This is also something you should do if you are about to have some important guests or you want to impress potential home buyers.

Avoid making all of these mistakes and your carpets and rugs are guaranteed to be clean and stain-free. Also, make sure you always keep looking for some new carpet and rug cleaning tips.


Author Bio: If one thing is true about Lillian Connors, her mind is utterly curious. That’s why she can’t resist the urge to embark on a myriad of home improvement projects and spread the word about them.

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