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Imperial Cleaning  offers professional carpet cleaning services in Milnerton to keep your carpets and rugs in top condition. If you live in the Milnerton area and you need  professional carpet cleaning services Imperial Cleaning offers you great cleaning service for you at the most affordable prices. We clean fast and green and we have extensive experience in cleaning all types of carpets and we also  provide high quality services to ensure the best results when cleaning  home or office space in Milnerton . Contact Us now on 021 555 3432 or email for a tailored solution for all your carpet cleaning requirements in Milnerton.

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 Hot water extraction/ Steam carpet cleaning  

The hot water extraction method is an effective method which includes pre-treatment of stains (we use a special bio friendly chemical solutions for tackling wine, coffee, beer, blood and other spots) as well as for high-traffic areas, dirt patches and etc. Over 95% of the dirt will be removed. The pressure created from the sprayed water moves all dirt and grime particles, making them easy to extract and eliminate. The method uses minimum moisture and leaves the carpets damp and not wet. Drying time is approximately 2 hours on a normal warm day. 

Carpet Cleaning Services Milnerton

End of tenancy carpet cleaning provided by Imperial Cleaning is cleaning service at top quality. Our company has a lot of experience in end of tenancy carpet cleaning and knows best what is the pre post occupation standard. Today’s property owners, letting agents  and estate agents insist that properties are cleaned to the highest standards when they’re handed back.Imperial Cleaning we know what these standards are and over the years we’ve helped hundreds of customers get their deposits back.

The benefits you’ll get with our Milnerton carpet cleaning

We send only locally-based technicians with a solid background in the field of carpet cleaning. Our efficient service often comes to the rescue of homeowners, tenants, and landlords when they need their carpet floor covering or upholstery professionally cleaned.

Choosing our carpet cleaning company in Milnerton comes with a number of benefits:

  • Stain treatment included;
  • Deodorising upon request;
  • Performed with child- and pet-friendly detergents;
  • Using the most powerful method on the market – hot water extraction carpet cleaning method;

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