Carpet Cleaning Cape Town Prices

For many years, Imperial Cleaning have been providing quality and professional carpet cleaning services for all our customers all over Cape Town. Carpet cleaning is one of the things we do best, and we always guarantee that you would get quality results, every single time. Imperial Cleaning offers some of the most affordable and competitive prices in Cape town which are customised for all our clients. The first thing that will determine the cost of your professional carpet cleaning is the method you choose. Generally the steam cleaning method will be less expensive than the dry cleaning method. You can discuss the method that will work best for your carpets with the carpet cleaning customer service team as they will be able to recommend a method based on your carpet type and condition. Some carpets will require a deeper clean, while others may be okay will a surface clean. Call 021 555 3432 to request a free quote. 

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Carpet Cleaning Prices 

When you shop around for carpet cleaning prices, check that they all include the same work. For example, a good carpet cleaner would first hoover to pick up larger objects, then spray hot water and shampoo into the carpet before moving the head of the machine across the carpet to loosen up any dirt without damage. They typically will then use the same machine to vacuum up the liquid and any dirt before using the machine again but without any additional shampoo as a final rinse. There are also different machines and cleaning techniques, but they are all much the same and work on the same principle but results will differ based on the technicians expertise and the type of machines being used. 

Residential Carpet Cleaning Prices

Prices for residential cleaning range from R350 per room but this may be  also dependant on the amount of stains and type of carpets and type of cleaning required. 

Office Carpet Cleaning Prices

Commercial carpet cleaning prices range from R8 to R22 per square meter and this varies depending on the scope of work and type of carpet as well as accessibility. Contact us now for a customised and affordable quote 

Custom Carpet Cleaning Price

Customised Carpet & Rug cleaning prices are based on client requests. This may include flood damage cleaning. Industrial Carpet Cleaning. Contact us now on 021 555 3432 for a free quote on your carpet cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices Cape Town


When it comes to deep steam cleaning of upholstery, you can rely on us for a great service at excellent and very affordable prices. We clean all types of upholstery items, from sofas, couches and armchairs to ottomans, blinds and mattresses .Our prices are highly competitive and very affordable for our industry, giving you the best upholstery cleaning service possible at a great return on your investment. For more details on how much we usually charge, have a look at our prices for cleaning upholstery list. Contact us now for making a booking.

  • Single Bed Mattress : R350.00
  • Three Quarter : R380.00
  • Double Bed Mattress : R450.00
  • Queen Size Mattress : R550.00
  • King Size Mattress : R650.00
  • Sleeper Couch R500.00
  • 2 Seater : R350.00
  • One Seater Chair : R250.00
  • 3 Seater Couch : R450.00
  • Full Lounge suite : R900.00
  • Ottoman : R80.00


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