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Lots of humidity and moisture in less ventilated spaces such as bathrooms and cupboards often results in black mold growing in the walls and ceilings of the bathroom, cupboards, tiles and walls. Mold is also prominent in bathrooms whose designs do not have windows and have only extractor fans. The bathroom steam often results in mold growth in the bathrooms due to the steam which slowly evaporates out of the bathroom due to moisture accumulation. We are the experts at resolving all mold problems. Contact us now on 021 555 3432 to find out how we can assist with your mold removal in your home or workspace. Call 021 555 3432 for a free Quote.

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 Household mold cleaning 

Some mold can be easily scrubbed and cleaned using common household detergents but in some instances depending on how serious the mold build up is a professional mold cleaning company may be needed. Imperial Cleaning can assist with your bathroom mold removal requirements. It is also important when moving out or in of your home to always ensure you have the mold cleaning done by a professional household mold removal company.

Mold Cleaning 

 Our team of highly trained professionals will ensure all traces of mold in your home are removed. Mold developing first begins as microscopic fungus, which lives into walls, ceilings, window frames as spores. Mould first appears as tiny black dots and could fast spread all over the place if left untreated on time. Mould usually grows in damp and irregularly ventilated spaces; most often it occurs in bathrooms, kitchens, lofts, basements and any other premises where daily airflow is limited. Contact us now for professional mold removal services



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