Apartment Complex Cleaning Services

We offer specialised commercial or residential apartment complex cleaning services and management in and around Cape Town. We assist property owners and body cooperates to save their precious time and money by managing their apartment complexes by offering and implementing our superior apartment cleaning services. We understand that keeping apartment buildings and complexes clean is important so as to maintain hygiene and health standards. Furthermore, if you want your residents to take care of their own personal spaces it is Important to ensure all communal areas are clean at all times. We create customised cleaning plans and schedules depending on each of the apartment complex needs and requirements. Complex cleaning services can be a once off deep cleaning or frequent maintenance cleaning. Contact us now to find out how we can assist with your cleaning requirements. Call 021 555 3432

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Apartment cleaning services

Tenants are less likely to care about their rented space if the rest of the apartment complex leaves little to be desired in terms of it’s appeal that is why it is very important to keep all communal areas in the best state possible  at all times.  We have professional staff in uniforms who are able to assist with all nature of cleaning services required for an apartment block.

Apartment Deep Cleaning

This is a once off deep clean where a team of professional cleaners come in to deep clean all communal areas. This can include walls, corridors , windows , railings, light fixtures and staircases. The cleaning is also customised to suite each of our clienst requirements  

Management Cleaning

This is when our professional staff are stationed to maintain the cleaning of communal areas in the partment block on a day to day basis. The frequency is always at an agreed rate which is most suitable for the client. 

Custom Complex Cleaning

Cleaning should be as regular as the frequency of dust and dirt build-up in the communal areas. A daily clean-up may not be uncommon for areas that collect dirt rapidly due to extremely heavy traffic. You could choose a weekly, monthly or a bi-monthly cleaning service

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