Residential Cleaning Services Cape Town

We offer residential cleaning services in Cape Town which can either be once off thorough house cleaning service or a frequent housekeeping service. The once off cleaning is done by a team who will thoroughly clean the home, the team size varies depending on the size of the house and the scope of the work. Maid cleaning services can be daily, once or twice weekly, or fortnightly depending on the customer requirements, we offer house cleaning services in all of the Cape Town Suburbs. Our approach to domestic cleaning services is offering a customised solution for each of our clients specific needs as we understand that not all homes are the same and therefore they require unique cleaning services.

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Domestic Cleaning Services Cape Town

 Once off domestic cleaning is completed by a team with usually a minimum of two well trained staff who will come in and do a through clean of your home. The team size will vary and will depend on the size of the home to be cleaned and the scope of work. Our team will bring all the cleaning equipment and detergents as this is included in the package at no additional fees. Our staff are trained, supervised, trustworthy and reliable meaning its not a requirement for you to be present during the cleaning  which will free up your time.

Pre Occupation Cleaning

Can be requested when you are moving homes. This will ensure you move into a clean fresh house and also leave your old place ready for new occupants

Post Construction Clean

Suitable when construction work has been done to your home and an after builders clean to remove excess grout and paint is required

Spring Clean

When you require a team to tackle all those hard to reach corners and areas you don’t usually clean and give the house a thorough intense clean.

Frequent Residential Cleaning Services Cape Town

 Frequent domestic cleaning is normally carried by a maid who comes in does a through clean of the home for the day. All our staff are reliable, trained and have had backgrounds checked so you can be at ease knowing that a trustworthy individual is in your home.  Our frequent maid service covers follows a checklist to clean the entire house. We have a flat rate for out maid services and we do not add additional fees and charges. With our frequent maid service the client has to provide all the cleaning detergents and cleaning equipment unless an alternative arrangement has been made. Contact us now to find out more about our maid cleaning services. 


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What’s Included 

House cleaning services which are completed by a team can be requested when you are moving homes and this can either be requested as a pre or post occupation clean to ensure you move into a clean and tidy home or you also leave the house you are moving out from a clean place for the new owner or tenant. A team clean session can also be requested when you require a routine spring clean of your home where every nook and corner of the house is cleaned by our professional team. Also a domestic cleaning service can be requested after a renovation or construction project and a post construction clean can be requested. Why should you use Imperial Cleaning for your cleaning : 

  • We add no additional Costs to the quoted amount 
  • All our staff are professional at all times
  • We offer you value for money 
  • Excellent services 
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee! 

Carpet Cleaning

The service can be requested together with a team residential clean to leave your entire home fresh.

Window Cleaning

Internal and external window cleaning is included with a domestic cleaning service

Furniture Cleaning

Indoor and Outdoor furniture cleaning can be requetsed in our cleaning packages. 

Laundry Services

The services which includes ironing is offered with our frequent maid services and this has to be machine wash only 

Ironing Services

Ironing is included with our maid services and this is inclusive in the daily rate charge at no additional cost.

Dish Washing

This is included in our spring cleaning service and frequent maid services.

Ceiling Fan Dusting

Our teams clean all hard to reach places such as skirting and inside and outside cupboards

Upholstery Cleaning

Get your couches as well as mattresses cleaned when you request a deep clean.

Appliance Deep Clean

If you have fridges and microwaves that need a thorough clean this can be arranged 

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