Upholstery Cleaners Cape Town

For professional upholstery cleaning Cape Town residents can rely on contact Imperial Cleaning on 021 555 3432 or email info@imperialcleaning.co.za with the description of the upholstery cleaning requirements. We use an effective steam cleaning method which effectively sucks out all deep seated dust from upholstery environmentally friendly cleaning leaving your sofas, couches and mattresses clean and fresh. This is the best upholstery cleaning which is also environmentally friendly and will not affect individuals who suffer from allergies as we use chemicals with excellent green ratings 


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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Cape Town

When it comes to sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning and chair cleaning, Imperial Cleaning are you’re best option. We use specialized methods which effectively removes deep seated dirt and dust mites and the chemical action will kill all bacteria and germs which can be resident deep inside the upholstery fabric. Our Upholstery Cleaners are experienced in cleaning a variety of furniture upholstery such as ottomans, couches, chairs, dinning room chairs and beds. We are the most trusted name in the removal of tough stains in upholstery. Contact us now for free quote on your couch cleaning requirements. Send us an email to info@imperialcleaning.co.za to make a booking for your upholstery cleaning services. 

Sofa Cleaning

Upholstery furniture items are some of the most expensive home or office furnishings, so it makes sense to take care of them so you can extend their lifetime. You can rely on our professional upholstery cleaning services in Cape to deal with your worn-out or stained furniture and make it look like new. We use the latest upholstery treatment techniques and also perform expert sofa cleaning that brings remarkable results.When we clean any of your soft upholstered furnishings – sofas, couches , chairs, ottomans or mattresses we will hoover and steam clean your furniture using professional steam cleaners and w leave to dry. Some fabrics such as leather will require a deep and gentle clean which will include use of professional conditioners  and polish. So that once the technicians are done it will be shiny and clean without any sticky layer you may sometimes get with some other cleaning products.

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Couch Cleaning

Cleaning of lounge suites of different makes and sizes. Enquire about our special prices 

Mattress Cleaning

We spend many hours of our day in our beds its important to keep beds sanitized and fresh  

Ottoman Cleaning

Book your ottomans to be cleaned alongside your other upholstery furniture 

Lounge Suite Cleaning

Special prices on cleaning of full lounge suite. Extend the life span of your furniture by getting it cleaned  

Dinning Room Suite Cleaning

Cleaning of upholstered dining chairs by use of professional cleaning methods 

General Upholstery Cleaning

If you have any upholstery products not mentioned on our site do not hesitate to contact us. We have the perfect solution to suite your requirements. 

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