How often have you found yourself wondering whether a home cleaning service could add value your life? While majority of people use freelance maids, cleaning services might be the better option. Here are six reasons why: 


House cleaning services interview candidates and hire professionals who perform as expected of them. Making use of cleaning services eliminates the possibility of being stuck with an untidy and dirty house because someone is unreliable and regularly doesn’t show up to work. 


You get value for your money by paying for the services you require and not being liable for things like personal transport fare. Cleaners are also supervised ensuring the necessary cleaning is done properly. 

Time management 

Using a professional cleaning service can free up a considerable amount of time in your schedule for work responsibilities, personal projects or spending time with loved ones.

Industry Experts

Cleaning services have the needed know-how and expertise on cleaning products and methods. They have check lists of those nooks and crannies we often neglect or forget about.


A weekly cleaning service will ensure consistent sanitization of your home and promotes better home hygiene. A dirty home environment is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and diseases. 


Let’s face it, everyday life can be stressful. Weekly cleaning services can simplify your life by having one less thing to worry about. 

Imperial Cleaning is one of Cape Towns leading cleaning services. Get in touch with us to arrange your weekly home cleanings. 

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