A beautiful carpet or rug is often the focal point of any room and can stand out and grab people’s attention amongst everything else. That’s why it’s essential that you maintain the upkeep of your carpets through regular carpet cleaning, so that your carpets can continue to take pride of place on your living room floor. Having a beautiful carpet is all well and good, but it won’t make any difference if the floor underneath is dusty and filthy. Therefore hard floor cleaning is equally as important as rug cleaning, and is a fantastic way of improving the overall appearance of your house.
1. Get your mop out.
Use a damp mop (not wet, damp!) and mop all your hard floor surfaces. This is great way for getting rid of any dust that’s been clinging to your hard floors. Ensure you put some effort into wringing out your mop beforehand; it should feel damp to the touch but shouldn’t be dripping wet.

2. Use some floor wax.
Get yourself some floor wax to sort out any marks or discolouration on your floors and to just generally improve the overall appearance of your floors by giving them a brilliant and sleek finish. Relatively cheap and inexpensive to purchase, it’s well worth investing in these types of floor cleaners, because not only will they remove any dark spots and stains, but they can also give your floors a natural wax finish.

3. Vacuum clean.
If you haven’t got a decent vacuum cleaner, it’s well worth getting yourself one. Make use of the various different nozzles and attachments that come with your vacuum cleaner, and take some time to read the instruction manual, so that you’re completely clued up as to which attachment is best to use on different surfaces. Vacuum clean your hard floors and carpets; use an attachment with some coarse brushes and strong suction power to clean deep within the carpet fibres, but ensure any tassels are tucked out of the way before you get started so that they’re not ripped off or damaged in the process.

4. Carpet stain removal.Cleaning carpets and floors2
If you notice a stain on your carpet, it’s best to blot it as quickly as possible, in order to soak up as much of the liquid as you can before treating the area with a stain remover. Remember to blot and not to rub, because the last thing that you’d want to have to clean is a deep-set stain. For any stains or marks on your carpets, get a decent carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners can come in either cream or powder form; ask for some advice at the cleaning store as to which product to get to clean your specific type of stain, but if you can, powders would be best, because this would prevent having to wait for any drying that would come with using cream products. Before you apply your stain remover to the affected area, try it out on a small section in the corner of your carpet, firstly to see if it works, but also to see if the cleaner is compatible with your carpet material. Alternatively, sprinkle some baking soda onto the stain to clean and deodorise deep within the carpet fibres.

5. Call up a cleaning agency.
If you’ve exhausted every possible technique in order to get your carpets and flooring cleaned but still haven’t had the results that you’re after, consider booking the cleaning services of a quality cleaning company and letting a team of professional cleaners get to work to sort out everything that you’re having trouble with.

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