cleaning in winter

Winter is almost here! Everyone knows about spring cleaning, but what about getting your home ready for the winter months? This involves spring cleaning your house and getting ready for the cold season. You will have to pack away clothes that are for warmer seasons, get your gutters and roof ready by cleaning, and follow many other tips. 

Here are some easy tips to keep you houseproud in the cold months.


You place carpeting not just for aesthetic reasons but also as an investment. This implies that you likely place a high value on preserving your money. Everyone is aware that carpets typically sustain damage, especially if you have children or dogs, or enjoy entertaining. Even without taking into account the regular stains you receive on them, they may rapidly go from being clean to dull.

Shampooing or steaming carpets in winter is a no-no. They take so long to dry that you end up with musty or mouldy mats. Hire a carpet cleaning professional or a do-it-yourself machine on the last warm days of autumn and give them a thorough cleaning.

Curtains and blinds

The same rule applies to window hangings: clean every one of them before the rain and the cold come. Rotate through your house and do this. You can keep your home dust-free throughout the colder months by dusting blinds and cleaning or washing curtains. People who live in the house and have sinus problems may be affected by the dust.

Damp areas

Avoid putting off taking care of any moist corners on floors or ceilings until the first winter showers arrive! Get them checked out and fixed before it starts to rain. Our roof cleaning services at Imperial Cleaning include inspections in addition to cleaning to keep you prepared for the upcoming winter season.

Chimneys & Gutters

Everyone loves the idea of warming up beside the fireplace, but if your chimney hasn’t been cleaned since last winter, you’re all going to cough in a cloud of smoke! Give it a proper cleaning before you light the first fire of the season.

Your gutters may not function properly if there are twigs, leaves, or other junk hanging out there. You want to make sure that your gutters are well-cleaned out before the winter season. To assist in guiding extra water away from your property, make sure all of the drains are connected correctly.

Clothes and bedding

Make sure to have your cold weather gear out before the temperature drops if you live somewhere where it gets quite cold in the winter. Give everything a thorough cleaning, then begin re-arranging things in your drawers and closet as you gradually store your sandals and clothing for the warmer months.

Sort your summer wardrobe into what has to be thrown out, what can be given, and what you can save for next year. Summer clothing should always be kept in sealed containers for safety. Use this natural moth repellent if you want to stop moths from destroying your summer clothing.

Getting ready for winter cleaning may seem like an interminable task. But when broken down into smaller tasks, the activities appear manageable. What cleaning projects are you planning this winter? Are you seeking tips on how to thoroughly clean your home this winter? For more details, get in touch with Imperial Cleaning right away.

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