Commercial bathrooms are probably one of the trickiest areas to keep clean. The reason behind this is the fact that commercial bathrooms experience a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Precisely because of that, trying to keep your commercial washroom clean at all times should be your top priority.

Not only will a clean washroom contribute to the overall hygiene but it will also leave a positive impression about your business on your customers and clients. With that in mind, let’s see how you can keep your commercial bathroom clean and explore some hacks that will make the entire process significantly easier.

Be regular with maintenance

Staying on top of your maintenance game will make your efforts significantly easier. While this tip may appear to be too obvious, you wouldn’t believe just how dirty a commercial bathroom can get in only an hour. That’s why you need to ensure that the washroom is being cleaned a couple of times a day – if it experiences a lot of traffic, or at least once a day if the traffic is not too heavy. If your commercial space is open throughout the day, you should consider hiring multiple cleaners so that you can cover all the shifts.

Use the right tools

Aside from being regular you also need to ensure that the right tools and products are being used. So, make sure you get the right cleaning chemicals and that the right tools are being used. For instance, the best way to clean toilet seats, doorknobs and faucet handles is by using an antibacterial cleaning agent and a simple paper towel. The reason behind this is simple – after you’re done cleaning, you’ll simply throw out the paper towel, thus minimizing the risk of any bacteria getting spread out or transferred if they manage to survive the cleaning agent. You will also need to provide your cleaning crew with a floor mop and a bucket, enough clean cloths and protective hand gloves. 

Add helpful features

Aside from actively working on keeping your commercial washroom clean, you should also consider filling it with essential equipment that will aid you on this journey. An automatic hand dryer and water taps will reduce the need to touch these fixtures which is yet another way to boost hygiene. Additionally, make sure you add enough commercial sanitary bins to women’s bathrooms. Adding such equipment not only in every stall but near the washbasins as well will provide anyone who’s using the bathroom with the right equipment to dispose of any waste they might have.

Get rid of the smells

Additionally, the thing most of us associate with commercial and public bathrooms is smell. More often than not, commercial bathrooms are filled with unpleasant odours nobody wants to smell. And even though the washroom may be clean, if it smells bad, it will instantly feel dirty. That’s why you need to ensure that the air in your washroom is clean and pleasant. For this, you can use air fresheners specifically designed for these areas and use scented cleaning supplies to boost pleasant smells.

Provide additional storage

Finally, any commercial washroom needs to be accompanied by an additional storage space where the cleaners can keep their equipment and other items sued for stocking up the bathroom. This area is best kept separate from the washroom itself so that no supplies come in direct contact with the bathroom germs. While separate, this area should be close to the washroom to make cleaning and restocking easier and more seamless.

Keeping a commercial washroom clean – while challenging – is of the utmost importance. That is why you need to ensure that you hire enough cleaning staff and get all the necessary supplies that will make this job significantly easier and more streamlined.

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