Modern office design is increasingly aiming to encompass functionality and aesthetics, while business culture and industry look towards optimising the work environment for maximum productivity and employee satisfaction. The age of bland, unimaginative office designs is long gone, allowing the spotlight to shine on design solutions that allow the space to feel warm and inviting, while also being conducive to performance and achieving results.

All of this requires the office to be spotless, so creating an easy-clean work environment becomes an essential piece of the business success puzzle. Building an office employees will love working in and clients will enjoy visiting is the most important consideration of an easy-clean work environment.

Choose easy-clean flooring

Let’s start with the floor. Without a doubt, the floor is the dirtiest part of the office due to the high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. While you might feel tempted to go for a carpet, you should know that a carpet is difficult to clean and maintain. Your best, most cost-effective option is stained concrete. Concrete is durable and long-lasting, but if you aren’t too big on this option, vinyl, laminate and even hardwood are also good choices that are easy to clean and mop.


Mind the walls

The walls in an office environment can also get dirty quite quickly, so it’s important to maintain the aesthetic appeal with regular cleaning. However, cleaning the walls can seem like a daunting task, as you are risking damaging the paintjob. Therefore, be sure to choose the highest quality paint and apply the proper finish to make the walls in high-traffic areas easy to clean without damaging the surface.

Introduce smart office storage

Choosing the right storage solution can do wonders for the cleanliness of your office space, as there are fewer things to knock over or spill. The fewer things to clean, the easier it is to keep the office spotless. Not only do you want to create ample storage, but you also want to integrate it into the work environment so that it boasts functionality as well. Make sure that frequently used items are within easy reach and keep the seldom used equipment in a storage room.

Current office design is all about knowing how to create environments that are practical, intuitive and flexible to the point that they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also well-executed in such a fashion that they deliver sound structural integrity.


Choose the right fabrics

Upholstery fabrics are also important in making your office easy to clean, as furniture can easily accumulate food residue, dust, debris, stains, and other kinds of nasties. Among the popular options, leather upholstery comes out on top as the most easy-to-clean solution. However, you want to avoid white or ivory leather because it can accumulate dark stains. Instead, t charcoal grey, black, taupe, brandy and chocolate colours work best for easy-clean office settings.

Make everything mobile

It might seem a bit out-there, but keeping your furniture mobile is a great way to reach every nook and crevice around the office. Simply put your furniture on casters in order to make it easy to move out of the way. This will allow your cleaning crew (or yourself) to do a thorough job without the risk of knocking something over, or having to play a game of twister just to reach a stained area.


Consider slipcovers

Another great way to protect your furniture and make it easy to clean is to introduce slipcovers. Make sure they can be thrown in a washing machine for a quick cleaning cycle. In case you are having your slipcovers custom-made, be sure to choose fabrics that can be machine-washed, and don’t forget to wash them before sewing.

Design for easy access and manoeuvrability

Finally, an easy-clean office should boast a smart layout that allows employees to move freely, thus minimizing the risk of slips, falls, spills and other unwelcomed occurrences. To that end, you want to give every work station adequate room to breathe, and every office amenity proper access. Think carefully about how your employees move throughout the space, and adjust the layout according to their movement patterns.

A modern office is a place where people enjoy working, making ideas happen and achieving long-term goals. In order to create such a vibrant, productive setting, you need to keep it clean at all times. With these essential design tips in mind, your office will become a hub of success in no time.

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