The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in your home. Even if you are not a big fan of cooking, you certainly come in the kitchen to eat, along with everyone from your family and you meet up there for family meetings. If your kitchen is connected with another room, it’s safe to say it sees the most activity in your home.

This is why having a clean kitchen is so important. Not only will you feel more comfortable there doing what you like, but also this will ensure that your food does not come into contact with any spoils and that it is delicious. Developing safe kitchen cleaning methods is very important for maintaining the place in perfect condition. Often times you may think that you need powerful cleaning products in order to perform effective cleaning service, but the truth is that you can do so with few simple green solutions. Here is what you should consider:

  • Solutions for the cabinets – regular cleaning of the cabinets in your kitchen can ensure that no dust builds up there. For this task you can use an antibacterial towel and fresh water. It’s usually enough if you are regular about your domestic cleaning. In case you need a more powerful cleaner, you can always mix your own effective solution of soda, vinegar and some essential oils. Such tool can offer you great help in maintaining the environment in your kitchen perfectly sanitised.
  • Solutions for tables and countertops – tables and countertops can be cleaned with the all-purpose cleaner mentioned above just as easily. It can be used really effectively for glass surfaces, but in case you have a wooden table, it is best to choose a polishing product. Do not resort to products harsher than soap when it comes to cleaning wooden tables and countertops.
  • Solutions for washing dishes – if you want an effective tool for cleaning dishes and any glassware, you can consider using a homemade detergent. There are many recipes that can provide you with an effective solution. One such is mixing borax, washing soda, salt and citric acid. The resulting product is a safe and effective tool that you can use for effective dishwashing and cleaning of glassware. The best part about this idea that you should definitely utilise in your kitchen cleaning is that there are no side-effects and health risks. In case you have a dishwasher, you have to make sure you maintain it clean at all times. This is done best by using undiluted white vinegar in order to wash off soap scum and other spoils from the interior of the dish washer.
  • Solutions for oven cleaning – cleaning the oven is considered no small feat. It can be really difficult, especially when you often times use it for cooking meals. And while it makes sense to turn to strong cleaning solutions, there is most certainly no need to, given the fact that there is an all-natural solution. It involves mixing a paste-like compound of soda and water. Coat your oven with the paste, wait overnight and wipe it from the interior. Add vinegar if you notice any areas that are particularly spoiled. That technique is quite effective and requires no strong chemicals.

If you have had problems with kitchen cleaning before, adopting some of the aforementioned methods can surely help you cope with the task easier. Give these methods a try and you will not be disappointed

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