Apart from your electronics, your couch is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make in your living room. In some cases, a couch can be considered an asset if you’ve bought it and can sell it for a large amount of money (such antiques or sofas made with genuine leather). Even if bought second-hand or at a regular retailer, you probably had to dig deep in your pockets for a good quality lounge suite.

In addition to being the furniture that family and guests use the most (it’s a dining room table, bed, movie theatre, and piggy bank in one), couches can also be a central décor statement in the room. So, when picking one, it’s crucial to find a couch that’s not only practical and stylish but doesn’t take lots of effort to maintain.

There are countless styles and sizes available: corner couches, Chesterfields, futons, armchair sofas, divans, chaise lounges, cabrioles, and loveseats. There are also variants of fabrics and upholstery options to choose from.

Buying a couch at some point in time is a reality that every homeowner or tenant must face.In order to avoid buyer’s regret it’s important to make the right investment. You don’t want small spills and wear and tear to take their toll on your couch too quickly and end up with a new couch bill. Focusing on the key points in this couch guide will help you walk away knowing you’ve got the best couch for their lifestyle.

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It’s easy to be bowled over by the style and design of the couch, but here’s an important thing to consider: how will you use the sofa? Will it be used throughout the day or only on certain occasions? How likely is it that your kids will use it as a trampoline, your pets will frequently make themselves at home on it, and guests will sleep on it?

These considerations will help you determine the potential extent of wear and tear and the upholstery requirements to maintain the look and condition of the upholstery. Couches are covered with different padded textiles such as natural fibres, synthetics, and leather. When choosing the best upholstery for your couch, consider the material’s qualities — strength, and stain and fade resistance — and if they’re a practical fit for your lifestyle.

·        Velvet – this material has a silky-smooth feel and is a long-lasting textile. Stains and dirt can easily be removed with an effective stain remover.

·        Silk – soft, and delicate, silk-upholstered couches should be taken extra care of. It’s best to place them in formal areas. They should be cleaned by professional residential cleaning services.

·        Linen – while a durable fabric, linen couches wrinkle and stain easier and are therefore safer in low-traffic areas

·        Wool – wool upholstery is also durable, stain and fade resistant, and easy to clean.

·        Cotton – can be placed in high traffic areas as it can easily withstand wear and tear. Cotton, however, is extremely vulnerable to soiling and wrinkling.

·        Leather – Genuine leather is the most family-friendly material as it is not only robust and strong, but dust and pet hair can easily be cleaned off. It can also be treated with a stain repellent product.

Always choose a colour you can deal with. A white couch may be stylish and on-trend but remember that if you have a large family, pets, and regularly entertain guests, it can quickly ruin your padding. It gets dirty quicker and is more susceptible to discolouration. It’s also easier to notice dirt, stains, and pet hair on white couches, so there’s no postponing your cleaning duties. On the other hand, darker coloured and patterned fabrics make it difficult to notice dirt and stains, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

By making sure you know as much about the different variations of couch upholstery and their attributed, you are well placed to make the best-informed decision before bringing that showpiece home. if you’re looking for residential cleaning services in Cape Town, we can offer you carpet and upholstery cleaning, using the latest treatment techniques to keep your couches cosy, spotless, and looking like new.

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