Nowadays, hiring a professional cleaning service is becoming more and more common for companies, landlords, and families with a busy work schedule. As a cleaning company in Cape Town, we understand all too well that there is simply no time having to worry about dirty dishes or your carpet looking less than fresh. Your time should be spent focusing on what is important for you on that day, rather than getting worked up about a dirty kitchen or bathroom. 

A professional cleaning service can save you a lot of time and energy. If you are new to hiring someone to help with chores around the home or office, you may be wondering how to make things easier for everybody involved. Find out exactly what to keep in mind so that the cleaners do an excellent job when they arrive to clean. 

Assess your unique needs

Don’t let a cleaning service provider tell you what you need. Assess your cleaning requirements beforehand so that you have a better sense of what cleaning services to sign up for. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a comprehensive cleaning package or if you only need someone to vacuum and wash the windows. Cleaning companies are completely flexible and will offer services for a one-off task, an annual spring clean, or something on a more regular basis.  

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Do your homework

How do you know which cleaning companies you can trust? It’s all about doing your research, which should go beyond looking for the cheapest rates. Remember that those companies with the most affordable rates aren’t necessarily the best. Find out who their current clients are and get references. At the end of the day, you want a company that does a job you’re happy with as well as one you can trust with your personal belongings in your home or office.

Be realistic with your expectations

Every client wants value for their money, and there’s nothing wrong with expecting top-quality service, but you end up risking your relationship with the cleaning company if your goals are based on unrealistic assumptions. Cleaners are humans. They can’t clean eight rooms satisfactory in an hour, unless you hire the right amount of people. It’s best to bring your expectations to the ground so that you don’t end up being frustrated with the cleaning company. 

Be specific

If you have any special requests, make them known beforehand so that damage can be avoided. For example, if someone in the family is allergic to certain cleaning chemicals, notify the service provider so that cleaners will know which products to avoid. If your business has a conference call every Monday between nine and ten, make it clear that there must be no vacuuming for that time. Brief them in if there are any valuable possessions you don’t like to be touched or if a carpet needs to be cleaned with a special cleaning solution. This will make it easier for cleaners to come prepared. 

Lock valuables away to give you extra peace of mind   

The reality is that when you hire cleaners, you are inviting strangers into your home or office. There will be times that the cleaners will be left unsupervised, so you have to assume some responsibility for ensuring that all valuables (expensive jewellery) or confidential documents (employees’ and clients’ personal information) in the home are either locked away or removed from the property altogether. 

And there you have it – some tips to ensure all areas are covered when you consider hiring a cleaning company. Remember, we are available across Cape Town, so whether you need a commercial cleaning service in Brackenfell or a residential cleaning service in Claremont, we will be there when you need us so you can get on with your busy work and lifestyle.

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