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You’ve had the best party ever; your friends have shared their experiences and pictures on Facebook and Instagram.  Now the whole world knows you through a wicked party!  But now for the clean-up. It doesn’t have to be as bad as you think if you follow our tips to get your home back to its normal sparkling self.


Rubbish Duty


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Picking up and sorting out garbage bags can be daunting. But we believe that if you make it fun to do, it will be less awful. Here are a few ideas, pick up any bottles in the crate you will be taking down to the recycling. Use a black bag to pick up any food, cigarette buds, and anything else that cannot be recycled.


Glasses and crockery


If you were brave enough to use your glass and crockery, first rinse out glasses before washing in lukewarm soapy water with a soft sponge, rinse and dry with a soft lint-free cloth.  Pack away.  Then make a start into your crockery.  Wash and scrub any food stuck to the plate.  Let it air dry if you have space.  This will let you get onto other areas.


The floor


If you have wooden floors aren’t you lucky?  A quick brush with a broom and then use a soft cloth to wipe down any marks.  If you have any stubborn stains like wine on your laminate floor.  Make a paste of baking soda and water.  Place over the stain.  Place a damp piece of paper towel over the paste to ensure it doesn’t dry out.


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Check ceilings


It is not immediately evident where to look. Things like popcorn and other delicacies can sometimes stick to a ceiling, depending on how crazy your party was. Grab a feather duster, and swiftly sweep it over. This will make your cleaning process a lot more seamless and reduce your cleaning time. 

You’ll make it simple for yourself to keep track of stains if you keep an eye on your ceiling all the time. To keep the interior of the ceiling clean and odor-free and to make your task much easier on the exterior, you should occasionally engage a professional roofing business to inspect it.


Seating areas


It’s amazing how many things can collect under the sofa and upholstered chairs.  Pick up the cushions and give the base a thorough vacuum. Vacuum the backrests and the sides and back of the sofa.  Plump up the cushions before putting them back. If you have a leather sofa, give it a wipe with a solution of vinegar and water.  Make sure the microfiber cloth is not soaking wet, it should rather be damp. Dry with a clean towel as you go.




Ensure that none of your plants have been exploited as trash. If so, remove them and put the black waste bag in its place. Wash the leaves of your plants with water to make them glossy. This will help to keep your area bright, maintain its cleanliness, and add ambiance and glow to the area. Plants are also important for keeping an ordourless space.  




If your party moved outside, check the pool for any undesirables that could clog up the creepy crawlies or if anything is floating on the surface.  You might as well check the pH, etc. if you don’t have a pool maintenance service.  Also, check your beds and potted plants closest to the party area for disposables.


Cleaning smells


You’ve got your home in pre-party mode, but the final touch is to clear any horrid smells left behind.  Either use reed diffusers or, if you’re impatient, burn a few of your favourite smelling candles. Here are some suggestions for getting rid of odors, whether you simply want your home to smell better overall, are constantly battling a smelly pet bed, or are investigating a strange smell.

  • Open windows
  • Burn incense sticks 
  • Dry out day 
  • Keep plants
  • Clean regularly


after party cleaning dishes


To enjoy celebrating with friends and family, are you looking for simple cleaning advice after a party? Here are some advice we have for making your post-party cleaning checklist simple. Congratulations!  Your home is as good as new after the party.  Frame your favorite picture from the party to keep the happy memory.

Contact a professional event cleaning service for your after-party cleaning requirements.

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