Anyone who has a garage knows just how dirty the floor can get. Motor oil stains, dust, dirt and dry leaves are just some of the things that can be found lying around the majority of garage floors. Things get even more complicated if you have a concrete garage floor. As good as concrete is as a flooring solution due to its durability and sturdiness, it is a very porous material which makes it particularly difficult to clean. As all porous materials, it absorbs any fluids that are spilt on it, thus making it more difficult to clean those particular stains.

However, not all hope is lost as we’ve prepared a list of some neat tricks that will help you truly clean your garage floor and make it easier to keep it that way. To find out more, please read on.

First things first

To get started, remove everything from the garage you don’t want to get wet. Not only will this prevent you from destroying those family memories in the bottom left box, but it will provide you with a clutter-free surface that’s easily approachable, and thus easy to clean. So, take everything you can outside before you get down to business. This will also work as a great opportunity to rid your garage of any mess you’ve accumulated since the last year’s cleaning. Next, get a plain old broom and a dustpan and sweep all the chunky dirt, like cobwebs and dry leaves, off the floor. Once that’s done, move on to the next step.

Wash the floor

For the next step, you’ll preferably need a pressure washer. However, if you don’t have one or don’t know where you can rent one, you can do this step manually with a scrub brush and a garden hose. Yes, doing it this way will be somewhat slower, but it still counts. So, first, get the floor nice and wet, but be extra careful not to slip and fall or get your walls wet. Next, get a cleaning solution particularly made for cleaning the garage floors and pour it over all the oil stains to loosen them up. Finally, get a brush and scrub the floor thoroughly. Then, get a push broom with a squeegee and get rid of the rest of the soap. Finish off by giving your floor one final rinse with clean water and mop everything up once again.

Scrub the surface

After the floor is nice and washed, you should move on to scrubbing the surface for the maximum effect. Get a powerful concrete floor grinder and prepare your concrete floor pores for a new coat of paint. Painting your concrete floor will make your future cleaning efforts significantly easier as the paint will seal the concrete in, thus preventing it from chipping and creating additional dust.

Paint it

Finally, once all the cleaning is done, you should apply a coat of high-quality concrete floor paint. Choosing high-quality is always the best way to go because if you’re already doing something, you should always choose to do it right from the get-go. However, make sure that your garage floor is completely dry and that you’ve taken care of any cracks and dents before you get to painting, as floor paint won’t adhere to a damp surface properly. Also, make sure that you choose something in the lines of a zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) pre-coloured epoxy garage floor paint because it is very durable, easy to clean and it comes in many different colours. This way not only will your garage floor be clean, but you’ll also be able to breathe new life into it.

So, as you can see, getting a truly clean garage floor is not that difficult, although it will require some time. On the other hand, you know what they say – Rome wasn’t built in a day, which means that if you want to do something right, you should never rush it.

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