The eco-friendly movement slowly made its way into every single aspect of our lives, so it’s no surprise that this particular trend crept into our backyards as well. Today, easy-clean and low maintenance backyards are all the rage, so why not hop onto the trend train and give your backyard a beautiful – and practical – makeover? Not sure where to start? Read on and find out how you can create a gorgeous personal oasis that is not only beautiful but easy to clean as well.

Long-term solutions

When designing your backyard, don’t just think about the now, but the future as well. What we’re actually trying to say is that you should have future maintenance in mind when deciding on the landscape. For example, in areas with a particularly hot climate, people choose to extend their living environment outdoors by creating an outdoor kitchen, as well as dining and sitting area.

These contemporary landscaping solutions in Sydney demonstrate how, if you think a bit in advance, you can design a backyard that is not only low-maintenance and easy to clean, but useful and practical as well. If you opt for such or a similar idea, you should know that you’ll be left with significantly fewer areas covered in grass that require regular and thorough maintenance. Finally, for added eco-friendliness, consider implementing concrete as flooring solutions for the above-mentioned areas.

Native plants

To start off, consider the plants you already have in your backyard or, if you don’t have any, even better! Keep in mind that native plants are always the best choice, so try to plant as much of those as possible. Not only will this make the maintenance significantly easier, but it will also provide a habitat for local birds, butterflies and, most importantly, bees.

Additionally, such plants usually do not need additional fertilizers, pesticides or watering, which makes them even more eco-friendly. Finally, if you’ve decided to replace your existing plants with the native ones, try to donate the ones you take out because destroying them is out of the question.

Potted plants

Yes, we know that potted plants are not news to you, but potted plants in your backyard might be. To add some diversity and minimize required maintenance, you can choose to incorporate as many potted plants in your backyard design as you want to. Further, potted plants are easier to move around which will allow you to play with your backyard layout all year round. Finally, not only will this allow you to customize your backyard as you see fit, but it will also add a sense of style to it, especially if you choose your pots carefully.

Ground covers

Ground covers have proven to be a much better solution than grass lawns, as they hug the ground beneath, require little or no mowing and additional maintenance, but look as equally gorgeous. For example, clover and creeping perennials both work amazing as ground covers, smell incredible and feel wonderful under bare feet. Finally, if you wish to attract bees, you can allow your clover to bloom and if not, just give it an occasional trim. However, if you do let it bloom, remember not to walk barefooted to avoid getting stung by those tiny creatures.

Fire pits

This idea might also sound as old news but hear us out. If you have any trees in your backyard, then you know just how much mess tree branches can make. So, by creating a fire pit, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, as you will add a stylish new feature to your backyard while having a place to use all those cut-off branches at the same time.

As you can see, creating a gorgeous low-maintenance backyard that’s easy to clean is a real piece of cake. You’ll just need some imagination and, of course, a backyard.

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