Part and parcel of having a beloved pet in the home is that accidents happen.  Commercially available cleaners unfortunately don’t resolve the underlying problem, especially when it comes to urine stains because of the nature of urine itself.

Why pet urine is a problem?

Urine is a biological byproduct and attracts moisture which is what causes the pungent smell.  Urine crystals attach themselves to the fibre in the carpet which makes it difficult to remove and can even soak further down into the fabric of the building itself.  If left untreated, pet urine will take up to 5 years for the smell to stop rising due to gases being released.

 Immediate Response

The first form of attack is as soon as it happens.  Blot the area with a paper towel and get as much of it out as possible.  This will hopefully stop the urine steeping further than the carpet.

Call the Professionals

One could think that commercially available cleaners made specifically for pet urine will do the job.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  In order to remove the urine crystals properly and stop their biogas process, a professional bio-cleaner needs to be applied.

Imperial Cleaners have years of experience in dealing with this problem.  Our technicians use UV light and glasses (like CSI) to pin point the areas for treatment.  We use professional bio-cleaners to clean the affected areas without damaging the colour for fibres of your carpet.

The bio-cleaner attaches itself to the urine crystals and then breaks them down biologically.  Some foaming occurs during this process.  It shows it’s working. The oxidisers speed up the process so that instead of taking 5 years to resolve it only takes 24 hours.  As the solution, which is non-toxic and safe for your home, children and pets needs that time to work and break down the molecules.

Within 24 hours your home will be disinfected and truly clean. Hiring professionals for your carpet cleaning for this particular job is a necessity rather than a like to have.

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