You want to keep your reception area and offices in top shape for customers and workers – is it best to do it yourself, or to hire a commercial cleaning service? Here are some good reasons to choose professionals.


While you may be able to save some money by hiring a full-time cleaning staff of your own, there are still the additional costs of cleaning equipment and materials. An office cleaning service usually includes these supplies in their contract. So, no having to replace the industrial vacuum cleaner for you!

Cleaning duties

Professional services should supply contractor that are trained to clean in office spaces: how to work around wiring, computers, machinery and rest-rooms. This includes sanitising phone handsets, disinfecting toilets and getting rid of the dust build-up that can leave your workers sneezing.

Uninterrupted work hours

Professional cleaning companies usually send their shifts in before or after working hours, which mean minimal disruption in the office. No having to stall an important phone call while the vacuum cleaner is making a racket! And if one of their staff members is ill, they will send another – which means that your workplace gets cleaned all year round.


Hiring a cleaning service means a contract, and a contract brings you some guarantees in terms of security. Using a professional service keeps dust allergens and seasonal germs at bay, and that means keeping illness and sick-days down to a minimum. Added benefit: your customers can drop by at any time!

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