Tinsel, champagne and too much food shared with friends and family is what makes a great holiday.  No-one should be spending too much time cleaning, but we’re all house proud and what to put our best foot forward without too much effort.   Here are a few tips to keep your house sparkling and your guests impressed.

#1 Front Door

If you have friends or family staying it’s always good to create a great first impression.  Ensure your front door brass is nicely polished and give your mat a good shake.  If you have a wreath, ensure no bits and pieces have fallen.  Clean the floor and any furniture legs in line of sight with the front door to enhance that first impression.

#2 Hallways

We all are guilty of using the hallway as a dumping ground for handbags, keys etc.  Spend a little extra time tidying up the area by corralling things into baskets.  Baskets quickly make an area look organised and tidy without too much effort.  Perhaps put out some welcoming biscuits and some holiday smelling candles.

#3 No more flies

Most of the time will be spent in the kitchen preparing all the yummy holiday food.  With the summer heat, flies are an issue. To get rid of flies, you can make a natural fly repellent that works wonders.  Mix together 5 drops of two oils depending on your preference; of lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, citronella and lemon grass. Add this to 200ml of water in a spray bottle.  Spray on clean surfaces.  Let it dry naturally.  No more flies.

#4 No scrubbing of pots necessary

The lovely comfort food that is synonymous with the holidays can lead to sticky pots and pans.  For a no scrub solution, put a cap full of fabric softener in the soaking water and leave.

#5 Bathroom

The next high traffic area is the bathroom.  Scrub the toilet well with bleach.  Instead of sticking a wet cleaning wand back into its holder, rather put it under the seat and let it dry over the bowl before putting it back.    Give the tiles, basin, bath and shower a good once over.  Focus on the shower doors as sparkly glass looks great!   Ensure there’s always enough loo rolls.  I like to leave out heavenly smelling soaps as they are a cheap room deoderiser and look great and make your guests feel special.

#6 Glitter be gone

If you love your glitter and sparkly bits and pieces for your holiday decorations, they can leave a glitter trail behind.  To quickly pick glitter up off floors, carpets and clothing use a lint roller or for a cheaper version, some tape rolled around your fingers.   It will quickly be a sorted before the children or pets walk through it.

Instead of getting out the furniture polish, the duster etc I use baby wipes to quickly wipe down surfaces.  It’s quick and there’s no cleaning spray smell that lingers for ages.


Enjoy your holiday and your sparkly clean home. Contact for house cleaning services if you need help with cleaning your home during the holiday.

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