My business has grown over the last 3 years and it is time to find new offices.  Fortunately, I find the perfect location and size plus the bonus is it is within walking distance from your home.  Purchasing office space is a big risk but it is a great investment and would provide savings annually over leasing.  Unfortunately, the carpets are awful and may need replacing.  Before I invest in new carpets I think, let me contact a professional carpet cleaner for their input, because after all they maintain them and it will also be unbiased without any salesman shtick.

Instead of Googling I decide to look through Facebook and read comments as well as asking friends for referrals.  Fortunately, there is one company that is consistently mentioned with positive remarks.   I call Imperial Cleaning and they immediately understand my dilemma and are happy to come around to provide me with their professional opinion.

When the staff from Imperial Cleaning arrive, they do not immediately look at the carpet, but rather asked me some questions, which I think are very insightful.  They ask what my business is, how much traffic  the office will be exposed to, what type of shoes the staff will wear,  also what types of equipment or machines we use besides our furniture and how much  my budget  is if replacement is the solution.

We then start in the least used corner of the office.  I become a little confused, and  Imperial Cleaning explain to me  that this would provide us with a snapshot of what the carpet used to look like before thousands of footfalls, drops of spilt coffee and goodness knows what else had contributed to the current look.   I  learn about terms like pile and matting down, loops and padding.  We then start from the door and work our way through the office with Imperial Cleaning staff carefully inspecting high traffic areas for signs of wear and tear and the terms I mentioned earlier.

Finally, they turn around and say do I want the good news or the bad news.  I usually opt for good news first but I opt for the bad news first.  They inform me that the carpet can survive for another two months as there are patches with the padding showing through, but it did need replacing.  It has not been well maintained regarding regular professional cleaning  or is it the correct carpet for the place.

They mentioned that for my business I should go for the options that they lay out which are a commercial tile carpet for better wear and tear and for future and easy installation.  They then strongly suggested that we put down plastic mats down under the desk chairs and mats for the high traffic areas once we had the new carpet installed.

I is so thankful that I had checked before confirming that the carpet did need replacing.  Going forward I had Imperial Cleaning on speed dial for regular cleaning.

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