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You would probably know that there are a wide range of prices when it comes to cleaning services. Some quotes you will realise are very low and some are quite pricey. When comparing quotes from cleaning services companies it is always important to remember that when looking for cleaning services you always get what you pay for most of the time, well almost maybe except for a few instances.

I came across a company charging a quarter rate for what Imperial Cleaning had quoted for a post occupation five bedroom deep house cleaning. I was surprised by the pricing and asked the business owners how many personnel they would be sending to tackle the cleaning and to my surprise I was informed that only one of their staff will be going for the deep cleaning. For me, that kind of made sense that there are still some cleaning companies who still lacked the bigger picture of the quality of service that is expected to be delivered within the agreed time frame. Surely deploying a single maid to carry out post occupation cleaning is not only

misunderstanding of the clients expectations but shows that there is no plan of action or checklist to be implemented in conducting the cleaning service which defeats the purpose of offering the deep cleaning service in the first place. In my opinion that kind of service falls under maid services and not post occupation cleaning as the requirements are totally different and are priced differently as well as the expected results also differ.

I am not saying you should always go for the most expensive quote, but it is always wise to use your discretion and ask some additional questions, because you have to remember in cleaning services you get what you pay for.

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Depending on the type of cleaning which you require, it is always important to ask :

How long is the cleaning service expected to take?

Well this is an estimation of how long the cleaning will take, so it is always important to know as in the case with pre and post occupation cleaning you will need to have the new house clean and fresh before moving in to ensure there is no inconvenience caused. So always ask this question before making any agreements with the cleaning company.

How many staff will be doing the cleaning?

This question is important as it gives you a glimpse into how professional the company you are dealing with is. It is important to know how many staff members will be involved in the cleaning as you can also use your discretion to assess whether the cleaning will be completed within the promised period or not.

What type of equipment will be used in the cleaning?

This is important if you have any carpets or curtains that will need cleaning, this will give you a fair assessment of the cleaning methods to be used and whether you are hiring a competent cleaning company to carry out the cleaning. Also you can ask for a brief description of their cleaning methods, this comes in handy in the case of carpet cleaning as you will know if there is a drying period that is required or not. Also you will have an idea of how effective their cleaning methods are. Also some materials like wool carpets which can be damaged by steam cleaning can be flagged earlier on in the booking process before any disasters happen.

All of these important factors come into play when considering to hire a cleaning services company, so it is always important to remember that you are paying for the right service and you are getting value for money from the cleaning service. At Imperial cleaning we believe in the most affordable rates for our clients while we deliver the best service we can, we believe in giving our clients value for their money and all our clients always have the best words to say about our teams

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