You’ve decided to hire a professional cleaning service to keep your offices in top shape – but how do you choose the right service? There are some critical questions you need to ask before signing a contract.

Is it a well-established business?

Anyone can hire some people, create a logo and advertise themselves as a professional cleaning service – you need to ask how long they’ve been in operation. An established service:

  • has trained staff
  • understands their contractual obligations to clients
  • goes out of their way to protect their reputation

All of which is good for you, their customer.

Do they provide the services you need?

Some professional cleaners specialise in industrial cleaning services, others in office cleaning, and some do it all. If you have banks of expensive, sensitive servers that you don’t want damaged, you need to know that their staff are trained to work around computer equipment. Don’t accept vague guarantees – you need to know that they have the expertise to help look after your important assets.

Referrals and their usual clients

The best way to make a good match is to ask the service about their other clients: what sort of industries do they focus on? If they know their way around similar operations to yours, that’s a good fit.

Security checks

Ask the professional services under consideration about their security checks. Find out how shifts work and what would happen if you ever experienced a problem. Again, don’t accept vague answers – you will be paying a service to look after an important asset! Just these few questions should help you to narrow down a short-list of service providers that will suit your office needs.

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