Cleaning a home you haven’t moved in yet seems like a breeze when compared to your everyday efforts in keeping your old home clean. There is no clutter to dust and vacuum around, and no furniture to move back and forth. You’re just moving from room to room, scrubbing everything down until it shines. If you’re lucky, contractors who finished last have at least broom-swept the entire place, so how much house cleaning you should do depends on how clean is clean enough for you.

Oven and range

Remove the oven racks and place them in the sink filled with soapy water. If there’s a gas stove, you should to the same with the range racks. Spray the oven cleaner inside and let it sit until you scrub the rest of the kitchen. For now, leave the floor be, as it should be done last in every room. Once the cleaner has done its magic, scrub the oven down. You can safely clean the racks with steel wool. If you don’t like the idea of using chemicals where you bake and roast food, you can use a paste of baking soda and vinegar instead of commercial cleaners.

Countertops and sink

Unless you’re dealing with marble, use a solution od 1-part water and 1-part vinegar to get your countertops crispy clean. You can use the same solution for wiping down cabinets, but make sure the cloth is wrung well, as you don’t want additional moisture on wood or particleboard. Don’t forget the tops of cabinet doors. In a stainless sink, you can use steel wool for stubborn stains, but in other cases, use a paste of baking soda and vinegar, the same you used for the oven. After the stains are gone, wipe it all over with a solution of water and lemon juice to bring up the shine.


Pull the whole unit away from the wall and vacuum and dust behind it. Clean the refrigerator inside out, including top, back, and sides. Dust and grime on refrigerator coils can even reduce its efficiency, so it works harder and consumes more energy for the same output. Take the advantage of the empty fridge and make sure you do the best job possible – remove all the racks and drawers and introduce them to warm soapy water.


Although many commercial bathroom cleaners are available, a paste of baking soda and vinegar will work like a charm, and even dissolve soap scum. Use it on the tub and sink for a glossy finish. The feel of new materials and fittings is an important aspect of enjoying your new home. For example, luxury display homes currently available in Sydney show us that glossy finishes, high-quality taps, and shower systems make an immediate impact as you walk through the bathroom door. For sanitizing the toilet, use undiluted vinegar and scrub around with a scrub brush.


You can either rent or purchase a steam cleaner, or hire someone to steam clean the floors for you. Steam cleaning can remove tough old stains and provide a deep clean, even getting rid of pet odours, if you’re moving in a house that was occupied before. With the right equipment, you can even steam clean sealed hardwood floors. If the floor hasn’t been sealed, don’t steam clean as water can seep in and ruin the floor.  

When it comes to new homes, whether they’ve just passed the inspection or made vacant, the two areas were cleaning will tale most time are the kitchen and bathroom. In both cases, make sure to try natural or homemade cleaners before resorting to heavy commercial chemicals.

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