Whether you’re having some friends over or you’ve just been putting off the inevitable, cleaning your home is a chore that doesn’t always have to be a bore! Here are several easy steps to clean your home quickly, so you can spend more quality time with your family and friends.

A good start

Whatever room you’re planning to start from, the best way to work is from the top down. In this way, all the dust and dirt from high surfaces will fall on the lower levels that still need to be cleaned. So, start with furniture tops, high shelves and ceiling fans, and move on to the floors at the end.



The most practical way to begin and make the process easier is to declutter first. For a quick fix, gather all the scattered things into spare bins and chuck them in the closet, where you can go in later and organize them properly.

Before you start dusting, change bed sheets and linen. Taking them off can raise a lot of settled dust so do that first and then vacuum the room floors. When all is done, wipe all furniture surfaces with a cloth and cleaning spray, moving from the top to bottom.

Living/dining rooms

The procedure here is the same as in the bedrooms: declutter first. Put all the books and CDs back to their places, kids’ toys back into kids’ rooms and clear out any dirty clothes and coffee mugs that may be lying around. Dust all the surfaces from top down, starting with the ceiling fans, light fixtures and high shelves. Then, vacuum the upholstered furniture before you tackle the carpets and floors.



Kitchen might be the least favourite room for cleaning as it tends to be the dirtiest, if neglected. It’s a room that is used every day and due to all the cooking, spilling and high temperatures, it can get quite dirty. Just take it one step at a time and start with the dishes. Clear the countertops, load the dishwasher and fill the sink with hot, soapy water. It’ll come in handy for soaking removable stove parts and for cleaning cabinets and other surfaces. Simply dip a sponge, squeeze out the excess water and wash the surfaces around the kitchen. Rinse them off with a clean sponge and wipe them again with a clean cloth and polishing spray.

If you need help with stubborn dirt and you feel more comfortable relying on the professionals, consider hiring comprehensive house cleaning experts. They offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning services which range from basic tidying up and dusting to dealing with serious dirt and staining in kitchens and bathrooms.


A practical and time-saving approach to cleaning all your bathrooms in the house is to make a quick visit to all of them and clear out the clutter. Spray all the surfaces, tubs and sinks with a cleaning solution and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. This gives you time to tackle the toilets, and by the time you finish that, all sprayed surfaces will be ready for a quick scrub and rinse-off. You can come back for the floors when it’s time to clean all house flooring.


Final tip – the floors

Your final stage of cleaning, when all else is spick and span, should be vacuuming and mopping the floors. For carpeted rooms, work your way backwards out of the room and for hardwood floors, consider using steam mops instead of traditional ones. They’ll do the job much more thoroughly and much faster.

Research proves there is a direct link between good physical and mental health and a clean home. Your home cleanliness will help lower your stress and fatigue, reduce asthma and allergy symptoms and improve safety and comfort. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to achieve all of this in no time and get to enjoy the comfort of your home in good health.

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