If you can’t imagine your living room to be complete without a high-quality TV and entertainment centre, you’ve probably noticed that one of the challenges is setting it up so it doesn’t look cluttered, messy and disorganised.

With the TV, PlayStation and sound system all in one place, there’s bound to be lots of cables and it may prove tricky trying to hide them but still have a functional entertainment unit. Here are several tips you could consider to help you keep your home theatre equipment in order.

Cleaning up the mess

A home theatre system is a huge dust magnet with all the static electricity around it so your first step would be cleaning it up. This will not only make it look better but with some maintenance, all the components will work better too.

Clean up the greasy spots and fingerprint smudges with a mild solution of water and soap. There’s no need for any specialized cleaner, just make sure the cloth is damp and not wet, and wipe it dry in the end. Dust around the equipment can be easily cleaned with a dry lint-free cloth or a duster.

If any of the components have cooling fans, you’ll notice they accumulate a lot of dust over time but if you clean it regularly, they will run better. You can clean them using a can of compressed air from the outside. Don’t forget to unplug the devices first to avoid shorting the equipment, as the compressed air can contain a lot of moisture.

Wall-mounting the TV

One of the easiest ways to have an organized entertainment system in your living room is by wall-mounting the TV. It gives the unit a clean, simple and sleek look. Households all over Australia are discovering the beauty and transformative power of a wall-mounted TV as it eliminates awkward viewing angles, messy cords and bulky devices. It also frees up much-needed storage and improves the safety by being soundly secured with effective wall mount brackets.

This Brisbane TV wall mounting pro will ensure your TV is safe from any tipping or bumping and even if you have a tricky living room layout, with the installation of high-performance TV wall mount system, you’ll be able to use a full motion or corner TV mount. This will improve all viewing angles and add to the quality of your cinematic experience.

Doing away with cables

No home theatre or TV system can function fully without cables but no one really likes to see them. Finding a way to hide them will prevent any tripping hazards and it will reduce the clutter. One way to do it is by using cable ties. Opt for Velcro or wire-based twist ties as they are inexpensive and adjustable.

To avoid electrical interference, when you run cables together, keep the AV interconnects and electrical cables separate. Otherwise, you may have a lower-quality video or audio signal. With a wall-mounted TV, hide the dangling cables with a cable channel attached to the wall that can also be painted in the same colour as your walls.

Getting a surge protector

Consider investing a surge protector with sufficient outlets to accommodate all of your system’s components. However, bear in mind that they can’t protect your equipment from direct lightning strikes. In such cases, your best defence is unplugging all units from the wall during violent storms.

A well-organised and clean home TV system will give you extra storage in your media centre and will add a more modern and elegant look to your living space. You will also protect your equipment from damage and enjoy more in your TV watching experience for years to come.

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