Our sense of smell is the strongest sense that humans have.  It is closely linked to memory which explains why if you smell a certain perfume it reminds you of your gran, mother or your first love.  Researchers are discovering how sensitive our sense of smell is and whether it changes our behaviour.  One study undertaken at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands discovered that by hiding a bucket of water with a citrus scented cleaner encouraged students to clean up after themselves.

We will be discussing tips on how to make your house smell fantastic whatever your scent preference.

 Damp Smells

If you have a damp smell in the kitchen it may well be the drain.  The pipes leading from the sink have a u-loop that fills with water.  This evaporates which leads to the damp smell.  To get rid of it, plug the sink and pour a boiled kettle of water to which you add a bottle of spirit vinegar.  To mask the vinegar smell you can add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, lemon, grapefruit or bergamot.  Unplug and let the water and vinegar solution do its thing.  The same mixture can be used in showers, baths and bathroom sinks.

If the damp smell persists in the kitchen, check the outlet pipes of your dishwasher or washing machine.  If the pipes have worn away call in specialists to replace the pipes.

Dishwasher Smells

Vinegar to the rescue again.  Fill a dishwasher proof bowl or cup with white vinegar and run a normal cycle.  It will smell of vinegar afterwards.  If you’re impatient and hate the smell of vinegar run a normal cycle with cleaner but without any dishes to banish the vinegar smell for good.

 Pet Smells

Even for pet lovers the smell of a cat box can send anyone over the edge.  Use activated charcoal which absorbs smells super efficiently in the cat box mixed with your normal sand mixture.  For dog beds a good wash will do the trick.  If your washing machine is too small, it’s worth popping the cushions down to your local dry cleaners.


We all like freshly laundered and crisply ironed cloths.  To keep that laundry smell and keep the moths at bay place your favourite soap bars in their box amongst your clothes.


Not to be underestimated, open the windows and let the air drift in.  If you would like to enhance this free option, make up a bouquet of lavender, mint leaves, lemon rind dotted with a few cloves and hang from the window sill for a day or so.  The bouquet will be gently scent the air as it flows into your home. A beautiful reminder of your holiday in France where the hills abound with lavender and lemon trees.


If you would like an extra special lovely smelling shower gather some eucalyptus branches and hang them from the showerhead.  As the hot water hits the leaves the oils in the leaves will be releases to give you a great pick me up to start the day with the leap.

We’ve suggested just a few options but there are so many more you can explore from freshly ground coffee to baked bread and others.  Irrespective of what your favourite scent is, it will now remind you of home and all the love it holds.

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