our office is your home away from home so you must keep it clean for you to have a comfortable day but I know keeping the office clean can be a job in itself. Every day the papers are piling up and the bins are not taken care of and you don’t know when the cleaning company is coming. Don’t leave your office messy and follow some of these simple tips!

Be sure to keep the dirt and dust out by putting an entrance mat at the door. Sort out your books, pens, pencils books etc and make sure you put only the ones you need on the desk. Put most of your things nicely on your drawers so that you have enough space on your desk. The ones you don’t use frequently you can take home with. If you have shelves put your books in them so that you have space on your desk. Do not use unnecessary paper you can as well store your information on your computer folders and try to use email regularly rather than printers and scans or post.

It might seem to ease your workload for you to eat while you are working but try to avoid that as it leave your desk really messy, don’t keep liquids on your desk especially coffee or tea as it causes a lot of stains especially on the carpet unless its water with a lid on. Always try to make sure that every day you wipe your electronics daily because it leave them clean and germ free also try to make it a point that every day when you leave the office you quickly tidy up your desk so that in the morning you quickly jump into your working without try to find anything on your messy desk.

Keep the floor clear and try to put all your rubbish in the bins and make sure it’s covered so as to keep the odour out especially the ones in the kitchens. Try to take out the bins frequently. When you finish eating your lunch or drinking your coffee just quickly clean your cups and put any left overs in the bin that way your office kitchen is left in a clean state. When you make a mess in the microwave just quickly wipe it out rather than waiting for it to dry up and become a mess.

Hire a professional company that is going to help you set up a schedule for your office cleaning and you will focus on your business. To help you with you imperial cleaning is your best choice for all office cleaning in Cape Town

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